Nail Art Modelling -The Trailer

I have double shifts all weekend, car in for MOT Monday and work Monday evening, so will be a bit quiet for a few days.

This is a preview of a post in the making. I own far more nail polish and nail art equipment than the average over-50 straight guy. Probably more than the average 25 year old gay guy and maybe more than most teen girls. What I do with it does not involve nails.


The Sparkle Truck


The box Sparkle Truck came out of. It was the fire engine. The ambulance is currently in surgery πŸ˜‰

That’s a 1/76 scale RAF fire truck from about 1940. Well, no, it isn’t a fire truck any more. I didn’t exactly follow the instructions. I just need the right number plates and it’s done.


Projects in progress


N gauge items under construction. The ruler is in millimetres.

More on this later. There is a whole new world of model making out there, and it could result in some new ideas for the nail artists too.

First I have to get through a weekend of hellish work levels. Shouldn’t be too difficult.


Updated to include the model box on 31 Jan 2016



17 thoughts on “Nail Art Modelling -The Trailer

  1. I might be missing something here (but not as much as the ‘fire’truck).

    Imagine the level of confidence instilled in the mind of the pilot of a shot up spitfire as he attempts to belly land and spots an empty flat bed truck racing down the runway.

    Are you sure it’s not simply a 1940 RAF wreckage removal lorry?

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