Kim Jong Cameroid

It’s what one of the commenters named him. They were right.

The Cameroid has a New Deal with the EU which changes… nothing at all. He must have hoped nobody would notice. Clearly he has not the slightest understanding of how real people think, nor even of how his party works. He is not a dictator, much as he would like to be.

Now he has declared that his MPs should ignore not only voters, but even their own local party members. Not just the ones who voted them into place. Also the ones who put them up for election in the first place. Ignore them all and be a good little EU drone. Do what Kim Jong Cameroid dictates.

The EU is fucked. It’s falling apart. It’s going to be a noisy crash and there will be collateral damage but it’s going down and going down fast. There’ll be no Blair-like hopes of a presidency for the Cameroid. His ambitions are in vain.

This man has no vision, no ability to calculate the future and no grasp of reality at all. Real life is going to steamroller him into oblivion. The sooner the better. He can take the grinning ghoul Blair with him.

This declaration of forced support for the EU is desperation. It’s going to fail. The EU will fall apart within my lifetime and I’ll be scoffing popcorn as it goes down.

Their last ditch attempt at unification will be a war. Not within Europe, but with Europe against the Middle East. It’s been carefully set up over many years. Islam doesn’t realise it but they are not a religion any more, they are a useful tool  for those who want control.

We are at war with Eurasia. We have always been at war with Eurasia…

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