Hedgehog emergency

We have a sick hedgehog and neither of us have much money. So I’ll be selling to raise cash, mostly on eBay. I have to raise cash for rent anyway, this is extra.

One of the things going up is my 1/24 scale Nightwing truck, a DAF cab unit turned into a right hand drive box van. It looks like this:


I’ll have better photos for eBay, obviously.

Also, Zombie Santa among other things. This was the first nail polish Santa and looks like this…


Yes the garland became a colon and the teddy lost an eye 🙂 It all looked so cheerful before I got to it.

In the next few days I’ll be looking to cover rent and vet bills on eBay. It’s going to be a busy time…



21 thoughts on “Hedgehog emergency

  1. Update: Igor the hedgehog has been admitted over night for tests, liquids and drugs. The vet said it could go each way but she thought it was worth giving him the chance. So tomorrow afternoon I’ll have to call in and see if he’s made any progress or if it’s best to send him on to the other side. I really hope he pulls through.


      • ‘Well, if Igor doesn’t make it and as long as the drugs are not toxic to humans, you could still make the curry!’

        That’d make a great line in a Bollywood version of ‘Young Frankenstein’.

        Cystm – you do realise, of course, that a de-fleaed(?) hedgehog is more likely to succumb to stuff earlier than one that refuses to ‘quit’ (so to say)? Yes, it’s a fact – my other half read about it somewhere.

        Fuck it – made a modest donation.


  2. I have bad news. The little guy didn’t make it. I’ll write more later. CynaraeStMary might be quiet for a while.

    Many thanks for the donations, they went a long way to helping with the vet bill and every penny was appreciated.


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