The day a hedgehog stared me down

Just over a year ago I met CynaraeStMary on Twitter. She had commented on the blog before then but I was still in a whisky abyss at the time, self medicating for a slow demise. That has changed, I’m getting better.

Igor the hedgehog unfortunately isn’t. He passed away last night due to a really vicious gut infection that ripped his insides apart in about a day. The only saving grace was that at the end, he was in vet care and probably so drugged up he didn’t feel a thing.

That wouldn’t be unusual for someone who came to be seen as the original punk rockstar hamster.

I remember CynaraeStMary first telling me about her pet hedgehog and being surprised that I considered this unusual. I didn’t mention that I considered it a bit more than unusual and bordering on Crazy Small Mammal Lady. I still haven’t. It turns out that having a pet hedgehog is actually less unusual than having Boris the undercouch spider as a pet. Who knew?

My first meeting with Igor was when CynaraeStMary had him cuddled on her chest. I was a little way away, trying to get a good photo (of the hedgehog, you filthy minded swines) without using flash. Didn’t get a good one.

At one point he turned his face towards me and gave me a look that said ‘What in the name of Satan’s fart gas is that thing?’

I stared back. I blinked first. He won that one. It’ll be the last, so he won them all.

He had a hotline to Putin, we thought, and was bent on world domination from his underground lair. He seemed the type to be doing that.

He had rock parties in his cage at night, evidenced by the way he had always trashed it in the morning and was flat out in a spaced-out sleep.

If you had to get up in the night, he’d look at you as if to say ‘What are you doing? It’s my time. I don’t go wandering around the place when you’re awake. Fuck off back to sleep’.

A wonderful grump, a hell of a character and the source of many smiles as well as a few ‘I’ll strangle you, you little bastard’ moments.

I’ll miss him even though he didn’t like me. He didn’t like anyone. Well, one. He liked CynaraeStMary, but nobody else on the planet.

RIP Igor. The Romulus Crowe of hedgehogs.


5 thoughts on “The day a hedgehog stared me down

  1. Sorry to hear of the demise of Igor. I know from conversations with your good lady that he was much loved. It’s always tough losing a part of the family.


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