Are you mad?

If you’re reading this, you probably are.

Drones aren’t likely to read blogs unless they are about flower arranging or some celeb with her tits out or Jamie Oliver with his tongue up his arse or the terrors of smoke and steam and wine and salt and sugar and whatever today’s Terrible Thing is. They don’t come here.

Those who do read this blog and the many others like it are the ones who think for themselves. Governments don’t like that. They never have and never will. Just as in Nazi Germany and in China and in Stalin’s Russia and in so many other countries, anyone who thinks the system is flawed must be insane. It’s perfect; the problem is in your mind and you can be drugged into compliance. Otherwise you must be locked away for the good of the majority.

It’s starting again. In America, the State Psychologists have declared political dissidents insane

Indeed, the whole “indefinite detention” process (which Americans living on American soil are subject to) can be based on circular reasoning:

The government’s indefinite detention policy – stripped of it’s spin – is literally insane, and based on circular reasoning. Stripped of p.r., this is the actual policy:

  • If you are an enemy combatant or a threat to national security, we will detain you indefinitely until the war is over
  • But trust us, we know you are an enemy combatant and a threat to national security

See how that works?

Ah but that’s America. In the UK…

The [British] Government has established a shadowy new national anti-terrorist unit to protect VIPs, with the power to detain suspects indefinitely using mental health laws.

It’s pretty much the same. You can now be sectioned indefinitely for disagreeing with the government. This is the same government that bangs on about human rights for foreign rapists and murderers. You, being a British citizen, only have human rights if you fit the British Standard Human model of drone compliance and obedience. If you don’t, you must be insane. If you’re from Somalia and you want to ignore every law in the land, well, that’s your culture, innit? Nobody will so much as question you.

Note that the anti-terrorist unit is set up to protect VIPs. Not you and me. We are the ones they want protection from. We are the voices in their heads. We are the ones who have to be medicated into silence.

The politicians aren’t scared of terrorists because terrorists never target politicians. The terrorists blow up innocent bystanders just going about their daily lives. Politicians are scared of one thing only – not being voted for. Losing the seat on the gravy train. Losing the power they now hold over every life in their jurisdiction. That’s why we have to be compliant. That’s why they are terrified of words, far more than they would ever be scared of bullets and bombs. They don’t care if we kill each other in the streets. They don’t want us to talk.

It has already been pushed into the drone minds that smokers and drinkers are self-medicating their own insanities. The vapers will get this too, if they haven’t already. The logical solution – the final solution so beloved of vindictive totalitarian regimes – is to lock them away where they cannot drink or smoke and then use them to boost Pharmer profits by drugging them into another dimension of reality altogether. It’s much more profitable than just killing us, and the price of gas these days would make even Hitler look for an alternative.

There has never been a shortage of pompous, self-important psychologists willing to help with this pogrom of the free-thinkers. Stalin and Hitler had them by the bucketload and they still exist now. They don’t like us either.  We don’t fit the textbook definitions and we spoil their stats.

So we’re insane. Every one of us. We don’t follow every lunatic pronouncement, we don’t tug the forelock when the knob-tuggers pass us by, we don’t show proper obeisance and respect to the politicians who only got where they are by being better liars than the other politicians.

There is insanity out there and we voted for it. We let them take charge and now they are taking revenge on those who disagree with their madness. They have plenty of arrogant control freaks who have been just waiting for them, just waiting for their chance to be the new Inquisition and apply their own psychoses to the general population as they have done so many times before.

Don’t relax, smile and say ‘it can’t happen in my country’. It is happening. Now.

The lunatics have taken over the asylum and they are coming for you. As Fun Boy Three predicted in 1981…



On a slightly related note, CynaraeStMary has been concerned over an old friend she never actually met. She last read his blog 6 to 8 years ago. He had been living in a bedsit and having continuous battles with the council and was eventually sectioned. We’ve been trying to find out what happened but with only sketchy memories, we aren’t getting far. If it triggers any memories, any hints or part names or blogpost titles, perhaps we can track him down.

Meanwhile I have a lot to do before Wednesday because of a reason. The blog might remain a little bit random for a while.


12 thoughts on “Are you mad?

  1. I don’t know why anyone’s worried. Genuinely dangerous mental cases seem to have no difficulty getting out (and sawing the heads off innocent bystanders)…


  2. Isn’t this why none of us trust politicians? Because only criminals have human rights. We are just tax fodder and some of us cannon fodder for the next unwinable war in some far away shit hole no-one cares about.


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