Gravy train derailment.

I can’t remember where I read that climate science isn’t quite so settled any more. It seems the fake scientists did such a good job convincing governments ‘the science is settled’ that governments don’t see the need to fund any more research.

Whoops. You crashed your gravy train. Now those ‘scientists’ are bleating that the science isn’t really settled and they have to be funded to invent more lies. Once they get the funding, my money says it’ll all be settled again.

The insect munchers have derailed too. Insects as part of the diet is pretty common around the world but not in Europe. Europeans refuse to eat insects.

So the Food and Agriculture organisation (FAO) gave up on the idea. They dropped any interest in it at all. There’s no point researching a food nobody is going to eat.

Oh but this has far reaching consequences, claim a consultancy firm whose sole purpose is to make us all eat insects.

The ‘far reaching consequences’ are that the FAO won’t be wasting time and money on something nobody is interested in, and a single issue lobbying group pushing for something nobody is interested in will disappear. The rest of the planet won’t notice a thing.

Keeping all those gravy trains going was never going to work. They were bound to crash eventually. The clever ones change trains before they hit the wall – like Concensus Action on Salt and Heath, which deftly hopped the tracks to the Sugar line.

But they all crash in the end, and their passengers all end up staring at the rapidly approaching buffers and repeating ‘It’s not going to crash. It’s not going to crash’.

Newsflash for gravy train riders everywhere. The one you’re on is going to crash. You might be on smooth rails now but sooner or later, probably suddenly and unexpectedly, it’ll hop the rails and send you flailing down an embankment.

When they start going, they’ll all follow. Once one idiotic pronouncement has been debunked, people will look more closely at other idiotic pronouncements.Picked up here :


Sooner or later, that one will lead back to the junk science and lies in the antitobacco camp.

It could be quite spectacular when they really get going. They could fall like dominos because they mostly use the same template to get their core issues across. You only have to break that template on one of them to show up all the others for the sham they really are.

Interesting times…


9 thoughts on “Gravy train derailment.

  1. But… But… The BBC tell me about amazing science break throughs every evening. They never make stuff up, they always tell the truth! Okay we never hear about the amazing break throughs ever, ever, ever again but there’s so much news to get through is there not? It’s like the scientists just don’t have enough time to finish stuff. They need to keep roofs over their heads just like us. And they all think the same things apart from a very very few who they don’t agree with. I’m glad we have scientists especially that wee tiny one called Dextor he does really cool stuff…

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  2. Anslinger had a very powerful and influential pal

    ‘Harry Anslinger got some additional help from William Randolf Hearst, owner of a huge chain of newspapers. Hearst had lots of reasons to help. First, he hated Mexicans. Second, he had invested heavily in the timber industry to support his newspaper chain and didn’t want to see the development of hemp paper in competition. Third, he had lost 800,000 acres of timberland to Pancho Villa, so he hated Mexicans. Fourth, telling lurid lies about Mexicans (and the devil marijuana weed causing violence) sold newspapers, making him rich.’

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