The Panoptica Generation

I have made some progress on Panoptica. Still slow but I hope to change working hours soon to give me more writing time and less time washing uniforms and being knackered. The New Me (I didn’t give him a name, he has the same name as me and that’s plenty confusing enough) wants more hours, I want a few less. I can let him gradually take over so I can then move on and not leave Boss in a hole.

It’s important now to push forward with this story. It has been coming true as I write it – which might make some think I should maybe stop writing it – and now the Panoptica Generation is very close. If I don’t get a move on, the book will be banned before it’s published!

The Mail thinks it’s hilarious that two ten year old girls gave Andrew Neil a sharp put down but when I read the article, I found it chilling.

One of them brings up the compulsory seat belt law and crows how many lives it pretends to have saved. Basically, if you drive wearing a seat belt and you don’t die on the way, the seat belt saved your life. She, like all well indoctrinated drones, ignores the deaths caused by seat belts when someone is trapped in wreckage and can’t release the belt. Only the lives saved count, not the lives lost.

Naturally, no drone will even consider the deletion of personal responsibility that goes with every new dictated lifestyle change. It’s not your job to look after yourself. The Government will tell you how to live.

The veteran TV presenter, who usually interviews leading public figures, then speaks to his other guest, Henrietta, from Worcester, and asks her what she thinks of it all.

She replies: ‘If it’s saving lives and it’s helping the NHS, I think we should be told what to do.’

No, Henrietta, we should not be told what to do. We have one life. Do you really need someone to live yours for you? As for the NHS, it’s supposed to be there to help us, not the other way around! The NHS is not meant to be there to tell us what to do. I don’t think it’s Andrew Neil’s education that is faulty here.

I have never been much good at being told what to do. Good thing I probably won’t be around when Panoptica becomes full reality because they’d ship me off to the farm pretty quick. As fertiliser.

Those girls, and millions like them, will give birth to the Panoptica generation. Totally obedient drones. No family unit, numbers instead of names, allocated careers at birth, microchipped and watching each other all the time. One more generation is all it will take.

These kids are happy to do as they are told and they always will be. When they are told that the State can raise their children better than they could, they will hand over their babies without a second thought. And then forget they ever had babies.

It’s a cold, dark future for humanity. It’s been a long time in the making and it’s nearly here. I doubt anyone can stop it happening. I certainly can’t.

We can only try to warn them, and remind those who will listen just how much they have lost.

23 thoughts on “The Panoptica Generation

  1. Have to disagree with you on seatbelts (& for that matter crash helmets for bikers).

    Everyone acknowledges they’re the safest driver/rider on the planet. The trouble is – all those other idiots sharing the highway who are crap drivers.

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    • Drivers and riders should know there is risk of death or injury from other motorists, but they shouldn’t be required by law to reduce that risk. Sensible motorists will wear seatbelts or crash helmets as a matter of personal choice and request passengers to do the same. I didn’t need to be forced to wear a set belt as I had voluntarily worn one during the 12 years before enforcement.Anyway, not wearing one hardly poses any risk to anyone else (excluding ,perhaps, an unrestrained rear passenger being propelled forward during a collision).

      The point is that those two pieces of legislation accelerated all the nanny shit since, including, of course, the ridiculous and totally unnecessary smoking ban. Not that that was about health. It was 100% about control and further erosion of personal liberties/choice.

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    • So you haven’t read the research that shows quite clearly we drive more dangerously with seatbelts because we think We’ll be okay, and mutilate and kill more pedestrians and cyclists as a result. But we’re okay so fuck all those guys, I don’t like Lycra anyway…


      • I can’t find the graphic at the moment, but someone came up with a wonderful and quite economical mechanism somewhat similar to a seat belt or airbag that would greatly improve levels of safe driving.

        Basically it’s a non-detachable, foot-long, VERY sharp, steel spike pointing up and out of the center of the steering wheel. It’s amazing how well such a simple modern innovation helps drivers improve their driving skills! Every parent should be sure their teen’s car is properly equipped with one. (And hey Maw ‘n Paw! Don’t neglect yerselves either!)



      • The same goes for airbags, side impact bars etc. “Even if I crash, I’ll be fine”. Add to that the New Education in which children are brought believing themselves invincible and untouchable and we’re on the way to a real shitstorm.


  2. Sadly, what you say is true. Scotland seems to be the new testing ground for the global dystopia. Very soon, everyone under 18 will have a ‘Named Person’ who will be able to pry into their private family lives and no doubt find out what their parents and grandparents have been up to, like smoking in front of them and telling ‘sexist’ jokes. Parents will be wary of their children.

    In ‘1984’, Parsons was proud of his daughter, a member of the Spies, for reporting him for being a thought criminal, because he hadn’t realised that he was a thought criminal. He wasn’t one – he was a dumb, loyal, outer Party member who went along with Establishment rules and had the attention span of a goldfish, who believed that reduced chocolate rations were actually increased just because it was announced on the telescreen.

    The SNP wants Scottish children to know their rights – so that they can take the rights from the parents and manipulate adults’ behaviour through their children. There have been YouTube videos of children singing about this stuff and it’s like Nazi Germany. The ‘Hopscotch Theatre Company’ was brought in to go round schools brainwashing young children with this propaganda about knowing their ‘rights’.

    Like they don’t already know, as they disrupt classes while helpless teachers are left without adequate means of discipline.

    A friend who helps with a church youth group had to intervene when a bit of over-excitement broke out and he slightly restrained a girl by the shoulder. She responded in sinister fashion with, “You touched me”.

    As Orwell makes clear in ‘1984’ the only loyalty must be to the Party, so all other bonds are being broken down.

    The NHS, of course, is a classic example of how the masses have been conditioned to bow down to an object of worship, like a modern-day golden calf. People are made to feel guilty for being a ‘burden’ on the NHS. It’ll make euthanasia more popular, as people feel increasingly worthless. I can envisage in every old folks’ home a photo booth type of construction, but with strong metal doors rather than a curtain, where old people can insert a few pounds to be gassed when the State has made them feel guilty enough at still being alive.

    “We can only try to warn them.”

    I’ve been trying for years. I reckon most people are too far gone. Watch in amazement as Scots vote in another SNP ‘government’ in a few weeks; they must love being bossed around and humiliated. Compare the rich man and Lazarus. The rich man was in Hell and saw Lazarus far off at peace with Abraham and asked for his five brothers to be warned to do that which is right to avoid the same fate as himself:

    “And he [Christ] said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.”

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    • Must admit I am very worried about the way Scotland is going. I have lived in England for the last 20 years and am perfectly happy here, unfortunately my daughter in law is homesick now as her mum is not well and she misses her family. I am concerned about my two grandchildren 6 & 8 who will now grow up there so just fingers X and hope the Scottish people come to their senses. Of course I am not at all happy about it.

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      • @cherie – The people up here should be very worried, but they’re not. I feel that the people won’t come to their senses until it’s too late. Almost everyone I speak to thinks the local NHS is a sick joke (I could tell you dozens of stories), but few will act. People seem like zombies, unable to get their act together, or just scared.

        After knowing me for years, a friend is finally seeing things as they are, but 2/3rds of the people are pro-EU, if you believe the polls.

        It it’s any consolation, I’m sure the rest of the UK will adopt the SNP’s social experiments.

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      • I think they’ve been conditioned for so long to believe in socialism – cradle-to-grave nannying – that nothing normal, sensible or better makes sense to them.

        They love the NHS that killed their mum and the ‘education’ system that’s dumbing down their children and the cops who sit in cars all day munching doughnuts, waiting for a driver to go 5 MPH over the limit and the EU that they think has brought peace to Europe because they’ve never been taught history, like the Entente Cordiale.

        I know, for I was that man (more-or-less).

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  3. “Watch in amazement as Scots vote in another SNP ‘government’ in a few weeks; they must love being bossed around and humiliated.”

    As a Scot “bred and buttered” I despair of my erstwhile countrymen; they’re not unlike the electorate of the People’s Republic of South Yorkshire. In Scotland they vote for a socialist dictatorship with sod-all more to offer than quasi-braveheart rhetoric and some of the slimiest professional politicians you’ll find anywhere. They are hell-bent on being a big fish in a small pond and yet intend to further line their personal trough by making damned sure that you, Jimmy and you, Mary, hen, stay in the EUSSR. In South Yorkshire the voters have a “look what Labour did for the working man” mindset. They haven’t noticed that the next sentence includes “fuck-all in living memory”. They therefore regularly elect party monkeys because they’re waving a red flag.

    I’ll go for a lie down now. There might have been a revolution – or just a waking-up – when I get up.

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    • You miss the point Jannie. Firstly Scotland has always been more socialist than the rest of the UK so we would expect things to go along those lines. However, the main issue is very simple. The vast majority of the people will vote SNP until independence is achieved. Once gained the SNP will diminish and we can then sort out a democracy which will work as it did prior to the Union.

      Project Fear worked last time but next time it won’t.

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  4. Although this is funny and some of the people haven;t a clue, there is a lot there that gives you hope.

    (The thing I did find interesting was the ref to Dos. You can of course still use Dos commands in Windows 10!)

    Teens React to Windows 95 [by the ways – its [insert current year] you know ;)]

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  5. Chilling indeed. I’m just waiting for them to introduce health incentive schemes, like you’ll only be able to get your benefits when unemployed, if you follow a diet and attend the gym, monitored by health nazis at every stage. Or by actually withdrawing medical help when you’re sick. ‘We are withdrawing your cancer treatment Mr X, because our computer logged you going to a supermarket on Wednesday evening at 7pm, where you bought a bottle of shiraz, four cans of lager and two packets of crisps. Even worse Mr X, you purchased a packet of cigarettes…’

    Of course, this new regime will only affect the peasants. If you’re a member of the ruling elite, you’ll be able to eat and drink what you like.

    God help us all.

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    • Re Mr. X’s purchases:
      That’s exactly one of the reasons cash will disappear soon – what you buy with plastic will be recorded on your personal health-check file (which will be accessible to the elite but not you). The drones have been softened up for years by “loyalty” cards, so will accept more state snooping without a fuss.

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