The Collection

I have been somewhat distracted from reality lately. Life is changing in pretty good ways and I have television now too. 73 channels! Last time I looked there were 5 and they weren’t great. There is a horror film channel that is a bit like a free version of my Poundland DVD lotto. Half good, half utterly awful. I watched the start of a serial killer movie and ten minutes in, I wanted them all to die for the appalling acting. I gave up on that one.

Anyhow. I had an idea. To be truthful I had an idea given to me by The Librarian.

What if we all had a story to tell? All of us. One book of stories. The Underdog Chronicles.

They can be fiction or fact but fictionalised to protect the guilty.

Think we can do this? I can promise one thing. It won’t cost you anything at all.

I might even be able to pay you. Not a lot, but something.

Anyone want to see their name in print?



9 thoughts on “The Collection

  1. The Chronicles, this sounds like a nice idea, but.
    You underestimate your own talent. It’s something most people don’t have.

    It’s possible that you could gather up some good stories, and apply your skills to make them work. Contributors would have to accept ruthless editing, possibly even changing the ending! And you’d have to accept the chore of of effectively ghost-writing under someone else’s name.

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  2. I would think you had got enough material to do a Chronicle of the Little Shop. I used to love the snippets of the goings on there you used to feed us. I’m sure there is more that you didn’t tell us?

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  3. I’d love to contribute. What are the rules? Are we talking real-life stories OR fiction (which genre)?

    I used to write poetry, but haven’t done that for years. And a couple of tech articles which were published in one of the weekly newspapers of the time. I wrote a children’s book last year (part of a series), but it’s not really finished. I never planned to publish it; it was for my own children.

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  4. I’m up for a go Leggy. Free reign seems fair? I’ve written children’s stuff, song lyrics, science fiction, adult stuff and work reports and such like. It would be a diversion from the day to day stuff.

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  5. Sounds like a great idea; an anthology casting you as ‘The Man in Black’ pace Valentine Dyall.
    I’ve had an idea or two knocking around for a while but I think they may now be past their sell-by date; there should definitely be a good portmanteau word for when you spend so long mulling over a dystopian scenario that it actually comes to pass before the story is finished.

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