A new baby

There’s a Danish politician who’s remembered for having said that you have a standpoint until you pick a new one. Pretty much politician speak for next week I may have a completely different opinion on this matter. Now that happened to me this Sunday.

After Igor passed away I decided not to get a new pet until after the big move. The Mothership would send pictures of guinea pigs and geckos and I would tell her “No!”. I was not wearing the yes hat at all. However after a while I started to miss having a little TV buddy so when she Sunday sent a picture of a hedgehog for sale I broke my resolve and said yes. The seller had a 2 year old girl and had plans for breeding babies. I went intending to just look at the girl and sign up for a baby. Now that didn’t go as planned. I held the girl hog and it was love at first sight. So I now have a hog in the house again.

Her name is Ingeborg. I tried calling her Inga as a nickname but she seems to like and respond better to Ingeborg. Now I just have to teach Leggy how to pronounce it. She is the most relaxed hedgehog I’ve met. She’ll sniff around on my chest and at some point she’ll decide it’s nap time and just lay down to sleep. She’s not best friends with Susie but she doesn’t mind her either. Unless Susie pokes her nose in too private places she is cool with her.

I once again have a small TV buddy. We’re now trying to catch up on Criminal Minds.

Edit: Ingeborg is an African Pygmy hedgehog and was bred to be a pet. She’s never been living outside in the wild. Generations back her ancestors would have lived in Africa before entering a life of slavery. I did not pick up a random sweet hedgehog from my garden to keep as a pet. That would be illegal, no matter how cute it is. So I do not drive around in a beat up white van advertising free mealworms.


12 thoughts on “A new baby

    • She is so sweet and easy. She’ll fall asleep resting her head on my chest.
      They may be with private breeders. I haven’t found them in the pet shops yet. But then they aren’t very common here either. I still have people thinking I’ve just caught a random garden hedgehog.

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    • The woman I got her from told me that she shouldn’t have babies. Apparently they need to have their first birth before the age of 1 year or their hips grow stiff or something. Would have been nice if we could have let you guys adopt Ingeborg babies.

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  1. Awww. How sweet is she? It’s like anything when you lose a pet – you have to give it a little time, and then the right one “finds you” at just the right time – as she did.

    Like the others, I’ve never heard of anyone here owning a pet hedgehog. It’s probably not allowed or something, because our wild ones are in such steep decline, which is a terrible shame because they’re such cute animals (and very good for the garden, as they eat lots of slugs and snails). Are they very common as pets in Daneland?

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    • She’s an African Pygmy hedgehog so not like the garden ones. She’s of course smaller, can fit into a hand.
      They’re not very common here but there’s a big hedgehog forum so they’re out there.

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  2. What a sweet little girl she is, it’s lovely to hear that you found a new TV buddy. Losing a close animal companion can be really devastating, and although she will never be Igor, (obvious gender issue aside) I am sure she will be equally special and loving in her own hedgehog way. Congratulations. Mary 😀


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