Cash and Buses

Right now I should have been eating a big whopper with the Mothership in town before going to our favourite cafe for cake and coco. Maybe even a trip to Ikea. But instead I am sitting at home rather frustrated and stuck. Now here’s why; I’m part of the internet generation. I can’t remember a time before computers. My dad was always a bit of a tech geek so we had them relatively early on. I am in no way saying I’m a computer wizard but I can what I need and maybe a bit more. So I am also one of those who’s comfortable with internet shopping. Of course with a hint of does this look legit and do I trust their security. Which brings us to today’s problem. I can pay you in way too many ways online and in plastic card, but I very rarely have cash on me.

Now I live in a small-ish village. When I moved here it was because there was a local shop, a cash point and even an inn walking distance. The buses drove regularly and it was a nice green area with lots of walking options for Susie.
First the inn closed, then the cash point and Sunday the shop closed for good. The village is slowly dying and unless you have cash or a bus pass you can’t leave. This morning I had neither. Luckily the Mothership has taken mercy on me and is coming here with a bus pass otherwise I’d have been stuck here until I learned how to pull cash out of my arse.

The Mothership arrived with lunch and I even got my chromecast today so it wasn’t a complete fail of a day. Ingeborg seems to be doing well. She is very easy but she did for some reason feel like trashing her cage this night. She’d hidden under her newspaper and tried to crawl under her exercise wheel so it had fallen over. I found a big box and made her a shelter so hopefully she won’t feel the need to trash the place like a rockstar. She doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of the tv either. She was curled up and grumpy all evening until I turned it off. Then she was sleeping with a smug little grin, dreaming of hot model hedgehogs feeding her cat treats on a secluded tropical island. Or at least that’s my guess.



I’m back with a bit of music as it was Wednesday. Today I wanted to do something a bit different. It actually came by a bit randomly. I was watching a nail video thinking what is that background music? I found it using a sneaky app which led me to the song which let me to a thought of it could be fun doing a music post on how music is a fluid thing. One song will create rings in the water and turn into something else.

99 Problems – Jay-Z

I think most of us have heard this song somewhere.


99 Problems – Hugo

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this one before as it’s one of my favourite songs. It’s a bluegrass inspired cover-ish song of awesomeness in my opinion. So different and yet so alike.


Problem – Ariana Grande ft Iggy Azalea

This is the one that started my idea



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