There is a new National Living Wage of £7.20 per hour but only if you are over 25. Younger, they can pay you less because younger workers are worth less. Hey, the government said it, not me.


Low wage places, like shops, will be full of teenagers and college students earning a bit of pocket money. There will be no career shop staff and the next round of managers will be picked from the dregs.

It already happens but it’s going to get worse. Already, the intelligent ones in Local Shop are the ones going through school or college. This is not their career, this is the step on the way to a  proper job.

I have seen things happen in this little food shop that could get it shut down in an hour. I buy no food here. It’s not really the fault of the staff, they either skive or do as they are told and what they are told is often ridiculous. Management is the problem. And that’s true in all shops now, apart from small family run ones. You want me to tell them? Management does not listen to janitors.

They lose the intelligent ones and pick their managers from what is left. Those managers are trained by previous pompous idiots who came up the same way. So the arrogance of the mindless continues forever.

The manager of this food shop thinks he is an important man. He is manager of a little food shop in a backwater town just outside Aberdeen. He acts like he’s the managing director of Tesco. Another manager is on a permanent power trip and one other is borderline autistic. If I took the area manager job I’d instantly sack all three. There is one I’d put in charge right away. It won’t happen. The entire business operates entirely logic-free.

I could fix it. I could make the shop the best in the business but I won’t  do it.

They treat me and Boss as if we are shit but we are the ones who get them through audits and when they fail their part, they try to blame us. In a food shop, good cleaners are essential. Try running one with no cleaning and see how far you get.  Yet the cleaners are treated as something on the manager’s shoe.

You can’t expect the best from people when you treat them like dirt. I could teach them about management, motivation  and morale but why? They consider themselves superior. They won’t  listen.

Too late now.


5 thoughts on “Failure

  1. It’s the same in big retail – in this case you’re lumbered with a so-called “manager” who has only managed to hang on by his fingernails for 40 years and is a fucking dolt with a clique of arselickers watching his back – the paraphrase “promoted to his own level of incompetence” trips off my lips every time I encounter the cunt.

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  2. If Hillary or Bernie wins here they’re going to push for a $15 min wage, which I think is roughly equivalent to about a 20 pound wage over there in terms of buying power. I remember being a bit shocked by how pricey things in UK/Netherlands were during my visits a few years ago.

    Re the Shop…. Heehee… I always thought of you fondly when I’d watch an episode of the League of Gentlemen…


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  3. I have a very similar background to you. PhD in microbiology and working for myself for the past 5 years. I’m packing it in and still working for myself. I am setting up a microbrewery with an old friend. Good, practical applied microbiology. And no pathogens! Wonderful. Plus……BEER!


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