Romance? Seriously?

The two novels I’ve published so far are apparently listed on (eBook format only).

Yeah. I’ll just pause and let that sink in to befuddled minds, as I did when I first opened the email from the site.

Hey. I’m not complaining. Just a bit baffled as to why anyone would think they were romances.

The reason they emailed was to let me know about a promotion they have on today. All eBooks are half price until midnight American time. US Central time, if anyone knows or cares what that means.

Samuel’s Girl and Jessica’s Trap are the only ones they have. They don’t have the short story books.

I’m still baffled how I managed to get listed on a romance site, but if you were thinking about getting the eBook versions, they are half price today.

If you like romantic books, so are all their other titles.


11 thoughts on “Romance? Seriously?

  1. A marketing man might have advised you to use different names.
    Perhaps they both sound like romances, and you may be missing your actual target audience?
    The irritating thing about marketing parasites, they are often right!

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  2. Could be a whole new genre for you to explore…. A full on bodice ripper, full of the aloof but up-for-it Mr Darcy and page upon page of almost-but-not-quite, will they, won’t they titillation with the main heroine and her scheming cousin. The beautiful, but emotionally damaged Charlotte, raised by hot, wild gypsies, laying her cunning female snares to entrap the trusting and kind Mr Darcy in a web of hot, wet intrigue. Imagine! Legions of salivating, female readers hurtling towards a final climactic ending in CH.28, p347 – at which point you revert to form and introduce vats of boiling sulphur; cruel and flesh hungry shark demons and a psychotic Darcy clone with a fetish for human skin clothing and chainsaws.

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  3. ‘Horror romance’, a whole new genre? But then ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Dracula’ were first classified as romances and the novels of Jules Verne were classified as scientific romances, so maybe it’s not such a bad thing.

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