Fun with numbers

Leaving the EU would be a disaster for the UK, say a bunch of folk who want us to stay in. No surprise there.

No surprise either that they publish their worst case and average scenarios and ignore the best case one that would show fairly rapid recovery.

Also no surprise that they only considered EU trade and ignored the rest of the world.

Funny, that. Especially considering the EU’s determination to have a trade agreement with the US that will kill European farmers.

If we weren’t in the EU, we could negotiate our own agreements.

Just sayin’



5 thoughts on “Fun with numbers

  1. The EU, devised by the Nazis as a fall back if the lost the war, used by the Americans, undemocratic, fraudulent, gravy train. Did I miss anything?

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  2. The reason that the ‘Remain’ camp will more than likely win (one way or another) is because people are scared of losing a wee bit of money – I’m not sure if they are considering the country at all; just themselves at this moment in time.

    It’s a bit like in the 1980s when the Tories sold off the utilities. I refused to buy shares in them, as I couldn’t reason why I should be sold what I already partly owned as a citizen, but millions were concerned with themselves – making a quick buck in the here and now (or the there and then).

    They didn’t know or care that for the rest of their lives, their bills would be higher to pay directors salaries (now, many overseas ones) and shareholders’ dividends and so their gains were transient.

    Factor in how people have become even more gullible and the media’s scaremongering, and level-headed people who want what’s best for this country will lose out to the views of frightened, ill-informed people who haven’t learned anything from history.

    It would be quite hilarious were it not so serious.


  3. I want us out, have done for as long as I can remember but my only issue with Brexit is that Wee Nippy will be given a 2nd Indy Ref and I’m not so sure that the NO camp would gain the same numbers this time…


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