It was bound to happen…

There are several companies called Underdog Press already, but only one of them publishes books. So I need a slight variation on the name.

Biting Underdog Press?

Maybe just call it UBU Press?

All suggestions welcome. The first book of short stories has a submission deadline of May 31st so there’s time to decide on a name before the printing starts.

Β Update:

The top suggestions are Legiron Press (@AgentAnia on Twitter) and Bite Upwards Press (Mark in Mayenne in comments below). Both those return a Google search that puts the blog at the top, and that is a big plus point.

I could potentially use both as imprints for different genres. Any preference as to which to use for the first anthology?



27 thoughts on “It was bound to happen…

    • Googling that one puts up the blog. As does Legiron Press, suggested by @agentania on Twitter.

      That’s useful, and I could have more than one imprint for different kinds of stories.

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  1. I don’t know the difference / significance, but if it’s not already taken – how about Underdog Publishing?

    I surely has to be ‘Underdog’ something, ‘cos that’d reinforce it being the dog’s bollocks. πŸ˜€

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