Scaring you thin

Babies need to eat a lot because they grow fast at first. Some get a little fat, most lose that at puberty when the really fast growth starts. Some stay fat. People are not all the same.

Childhood obesity is a big buzz at the moment. The town I work in has a huge school that covers most of the small villages around it as well as the town itself. When they come out at lunchtime it’s a veritable infestation of children. It’s like someone kicked over a nest of them.

There are very few fat ones. Very few. I don’t recall seeing a single one I would call ‘obese’ but the Righteous set the obesity bar so low these days they’re soon going to need a new term for those who genuinely are obese. ‘Ah, you are beyond obese. You are CyrilSmith’.

So supermarkets get nagged about sweets at checkouts when really parents should be nagged into controlling their feral brats and saying ‘no’ and meaning it. Food manufacturers get nagged about sugar and fat content of foods that taste of nothing without sugar and fat – and salt. None of it works. Kids still eat what they like.

A lot of them smoke and drink too, egged on by the antismokers and antidrinkers who make sure smoking and drinking are at the forefront of the daily news.

What’s left to try? Telling kids things are bad for them seems to make them want more. How about scaring the parents into keeping babies thin? Rather than going to manufacturers and getting them to fix the problem while quietly recalling the affected products, let’s blow it to the newsfeed. Even though the whole thing is riddled with uncertainties and ‘needs more research’, put out the scare story now. Thin babies are bound to result and I’m sure there will be no stunted growth or deaths as an unintended consequence.

There is also a major desire among the Righteous to make us all Vegan. No meat – they are starting with red meat and will move on to chicken and fish after they’ve done that.

Bacon is one they’ve been concentrating on lately. Carcinogenic, pumped full of water and salt, generally bad for you… but it’s bacon! It’s an essential nutrient. A lack of bacon causes people to become unreasonable and violent. ISIS is all the proof you need.

Hey, if they can use correlation = causation, we can do it too.

Bacon, ham, etc. is full of water because the regulator set a maximum limit to how much water can be pumped into meats to bulk them up. Manufacturers, obviously, always take it to the maximum allowed. Selling water as meat. An unintended consequence, perhaps?

Now we are told that Irish bacon has lots of salt in it. Duh. It’s a cured meat. Of course it has salt in it! More than the guidelines, apparently, but we all know by now that most guidelines are made up numbers. The research cannot differentiate between added salt and salt that was already there before the recommended amount was added, and I bet the butchers didn’t have to measure the total after processing. Just a thought.

The WHO recommends we should all have less than 5g of salt per day. I have never attempted to measure my salt intake, nor have I ever counted calories. I eat pizza, hot dogs, burgers, ready meals, things I cook myself that get salt added to them (and chillies). I use olive oil a lot. It costs more than the canola or sunflower oils but it has antibacterial properties.

If I feel like fish and chips, I go to the chip shop. We now have a pizza shop again that covers much more than pizza, and we have a really good curry shop too.

My fruit and veg intake is way below recommendations and I haven’t been inside a gym since school. I have been quizzed by staff at work as to how I can be this shape when ignoring every health rule ever devised. I think it might be because I ignore all those rules.

Anyway, I digress.

The WHO recommendation is less than 5g of salt a day. For everyone. No matter your size or shape or whether you have a job where you sweat a lot (and lose a lot of salt) or have a job where you don’t sweat at all. We are not clones. Some need to take in more salt than others.

The average intake for Irish adults is 7.4g per day. Tsk. Naughty Irish. But they are equipped with kidneys that, in normal use, are quite capable of excreting that small excess… if they need to. In physical jobs most of the excess will come out with sweat.

That’s if it is an excess. Are the Irish all keeling over with salt poisoning? I’m sure the Daily Mail would have grabbed the story if they were. The WHO recommendation isn’t based on reality. None of the modern recommendations seem to have any link to reality. They are based on a Standard Human. An average person who doesn’t exist.

(An aside – Pure coincidence, but my mother sent a parcel today containing several things, one of which was a chocolate leprechaun showing his arse. The other things were even more random)

We are to be scared of salt. The word ‘Hyponatremia’ really needs to be more widely disseminated among the population.

At the end of that article, it states that meat is the biggest source of high quality protein and vitamin D in the Irish diet BUT also the biggest source of fat and energy. They don’t want us to have any energy?

Over in Denmark, land of the failed fat tax, they are now trying to scare people with ‘The Environment’. They want a tax on food to make it even more expensive because that will reduce the amount the Danes eat – especially meat – and that will save the planet.

I’ve been there. Meat, especially pork and bacon, are really big and popular among the people. Take them away and you’ll have Viking raids on the Netherlands for Dutch bacon.

They already take trips across the border to Germany to stock up on lots of things that are cheaper there. All they will do is add bacon to their shopping list. It won’t work and it would have no effect on the planet if it did.

I’ve been to China too. Pig farming is huge there. They love pork and they eat every bit of every pig. Including a few bits you don’t want to know about. The amount of red meat consumed in China makes Denmark’s annual consumption look like lunch. Denmark punishing its people in the name of saving the planet is utterly pointless and based entirely on spite.

They want to scare you into becoming a vegan. There have been a few days out of the last 56 years when I didn’t eat any meat but discounting the ones at the start that were almost all milk, they were few indeed. There were times I didn’t have any meat – a few times I didn’t have anything at all – but it didn’t kill me. It doesn’t seem to have done me any harm at all.

When meat is a thing of the past, what will we eat in the future? Vegetables?

See, the thing about that is, you are reliant on every year being a good growing year and you have a limited space to grow vegetables anyway. Places that are grass for cows and sheep aren’t grass to feed cows and sheep. They are grass because nothing else grows there. No sensible farmer is going to grass over land that could be growing a profitable vegetable crop. They put the cows and sheep onto land where bugger all other than grass will grow.

A totally vegetable based diet cannot feed all the people alive today. The Greens will tell you it can but the Greens want a huge reduction in the human population. Trust them? Up to you.

I’m sticking with bacon. I might add a bit of salt next time.



19 thoughts on “Scaring you thin

  1. Speaking of bacon, don’t forget the threat of secondhand bacon: tiny bacon particulates thrown into the air during the frying process and crawling along electrical wires with their secondhand smoke buddies, wending their way out of the outlets in the nursery of the apartment next door and forcing their way down the throats of the unsuspecting.

    For some of us though, aside from cancer fears, there’s a religious aspect to being forced to ingest bacon. Clearly something HAS to be done! In God’s eyes there is “no safe level” of sinfulness: you either get through the holy gates or you don’t.

    Frying bacon clearly needs to be banned in flats. If pig-addicts can’t survive without stuffing the filthy, rotting, parasite-infested flesh of porkers down their gullets they can eat it raw or they can boil it.

    There. Problem solved.

    Now… in terms of obesity… I happened to do an odd little calculation in the course of writing something yesterday and discovered that all little 114 pounds of me has eaten OVER TWO METRIC TONS OF CHOCOLATE in my life! Four ounces a day certainly adds up!

    Now at least I know why a certain part of my daily life-rituals tends to sort of look like chocolate.

    Unless I’ve been been using a Spotty-Potty i.e. :



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  2. They ought to go carefully with the salt ban. Didn’t the attempt to ban native salt production in India ultimately lead to the dismemberment of the British Empire?*

    Coincidence? I think not.

    *Ghandi reference

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  3. Having moved barely a year ago, I’m having to register with the local doc. I received a diversity form…why? Everyone’s white round here. What has this doc to gain from entering these games? He’s on to a loser. I’m considering, for a fee, letting him tick a few crosses-make-prizes boxes.

    But also (the serious bit) a smoking and drinking survey. This is a problem.

    I know from reading Leggy over the years that if I answer the smoking side honestly, it does me no favours at all Confession time…I’ve never even taken a puff of anything ever. Forgive me. It’s not any of the insane third hand smoking insta-death bollocks. It just never appealed to me. But I remember Leggy saying that that means if I get a lung issue, me not smoking means that they’ll be far less thorough because only smokers get lung problems, right? Do I admit to a hidden past?

    Drinking is a different issue entirely. Are their any links to sites debunking whatever the latest numbers are? Last I recall hearing, men and women have the same limits, so I know they’re b.s. from the off. Average size differences would suggest a difference, before any other ones. The old limits recognised this…what new scientific research has taken place in the meantime?

    Salt I keep no track of.

    Carbs are not generally from sugar, but beer and bread.

    BMI is just made up affairs.

    I’m being forced to just go in there and…nod my head and/or lie. Is this a decent basis for a relationship between an adult and doctor?

    Also, statins…, any views?

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    • Diversity forms are just there for political correctness; nobody with any brain ever takes any notice of them. The Met Police did, for a while, until their computer analysis system told them that one of their specialist units didn’t have enough of the Jedi religion in it, and could they please recruit some?

      At this point, the phrase “Garbage in, garbage out” was quoted and the results quietly ignored thereafter.

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      • Jedi is extremely retro. There’s a whole new universe of crazy out there…

        (strap in, have a stiff drink at hand, prepare to laugh – they are genuinely amusing whilst they horrify)



        Add those two together and…no limits, no limits at all

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    • Statins cause muscle pain, as an insulin dependent diabetic, the Dr keeps trying to put me on them, even though my cholesterol level is fine, they must get paid for these things, like the diversity bollocks.
      LEAVE ME ALONE ,WILL YOU. Thank you

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  4. In some cafes and restaurants you have to ask for salt. It’s not available on every table. I always salt stuff, I like the flavour of food to be to my own taste not the chefs etc. I rarely drink water because it’s either from a tap which has water tasted by a committee or its in ridiculously priced bottles. Boiled tap water is fine as coffee. No fizzy juice either, I tend to drink fruit juice which is another very very bad thing according to the righteous.
    Be a vegan if you like spending hours in the toilet or being generally I’ll most of the time. Everyone to their own bottom line.

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  5. Re. eating every bit of the pig….

    Can’t beat a stick of rolled up and deep-fried intestine with chilli sauce, as served on every street corner in HK. Chewy as hell, but surprisingly tasty.

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  6. I knew someone whose 2nd child was born with external Spina bifida and other complications. She’d been anxious not to put on too much weight whilst pregnant and as she had become plump during her first pregnancy she was given diet sheets. More than half cases of Spina bifida are related to malnutrition. The baby lived to 21. Better a chubby mum and healthy baby.

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  7. I know that if I have too little salt I get pains in my knee joints. Somehow the salt is enough to stop the arthritis being too much of a problem. I was offered pain killers by by GP, I sad ‘No thanks, I’d rather my salt levels are a bit high than take drugs whose long term effects are unknown’.
    The big advantage of Bacon (and pork) is that you know it hasn’t been Halal slaughtered..

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  8. Dear Mr Leg-iron

    Our medical family-lore includes muscle cramps being an indicator of insufficient salt. Not sure if its true, but incidence has increased in recent years.

    I have resorted to salting foods, including porridge, as a precaution. My rule of thumb is: if salted food taste better, I’m short of salt.

    The local M&S has, amongst other homilies painted on its wall: We are removing salt from our foods faster than you can say ‘sodium chloride’. I often wonder if that is faster than you can say ‘hyponatraemia’.


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  9. Since I do quite a bit of long-distance running these days (clearly far too healthy), hyponatraemia is a term with which I am very familiar, as it’s possibly the most significant health risk associated with these events (other than tripping up & face-planting into a rock) – particularly amongst inexperienced runners who will typically tend to over-hydrate themselves.

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