Not by me. I can’t write poetry. I’ve tried and I’m crap at it.

At first I was reluctant to put poetry in the anthology. I don’t know how to edit it. It’s like art – I like it, but know nothing of the technical side.

Now, three people have asked about poetry, so there’s interest out there. Therefore I’ll accept poetry. But make it substantial – I’m not sending £20 for a limerick!

If you have a short poem I could pay with a couple of copies of the book rather than the full rate. Or maybe you want to send a few short poems as a single submission.

As with the stories, genre is open for the first anthology and all the story rules apply.

I don’t want too many poems this time. I’ll consider a poetry anthology later if there’s enough interest but I won’t be able to pay as much for poetry as a full prose story.

Next anthology will be Christmas themed so if you have a Christmas poem I’ll hold it back for that one. The ‘theme’ does not mean stories have to be ‘about’ Christmas. Set at Christmas, Christmas as a background in some way, just get Christmas in there and don’t just shoe-horn it in.

There’ll be more themed anthologies later, if your story isn’t Christmas. You’ll get in somewhere 🙂


15 thoughts on “Poems

  1. I did these three for a woman, funny what you’ll do for three valentine’s day
    I don’t think they’re worth anything and don’t think they’re that good anyway, but if you want to use them by all means do
    (the maxim in law is “the creator owns what he creates” so they are mine but by all means use them “free gratis” so to speak)

    1 –
    “I would have bought you roses
    to show you that I care
    to show how much I love you
    my beating heart laid bear

    but to love you is heartbreaking
    to know you’re just not there
    what would I give to hold you
    though your wish is not to care

    I would have bought you roses
    to show my love was true
    except I write here broken-hearted
    I’m so in love with you”

    2 –
    “The last of this year’s roses
    Are falling to the floor
    Like your love they’re lost
    With no hope for what there was before

    This wind that scatters the petals
    Is calling from my heart
    Whispers longing for the moment
    To restore love from the start

    If we had all this time
    Chances for love to grow
    Why then like discarded petals
    Did you have to let go?

    The last of this years roses
    Are dead upon the ground
    Their thorns a bitter memory
    Of love that’s lost & can’t be found”

    3 –
    “All that’s left is this recurring nightmare:
    It’s as I see you in the street
    I steel myself to smile & walk past you
    But for some reason you turn to speak
    Instead of conversation
    It’s just a smile to let me know
    That I never stood a chance.
    And you laugh at me as I go

    I wonder if it will wake me again tomorrow?”

    anyway good luck with the book

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    • All copyright remains with the authors for everything. I just buy the right to put it in this one book, everyone can use their stuff again wherever they like 🙂

      Does it have a title? Valentine 1, 2 and 3?

      I won’t take it for free. I have to send you at least a couple of copies of the book.

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      • never thought of giving titles to poems
        er “unrequited love 1, 2 & 3? lol
        (or Bridget 1, 2 & 3?)

        well I had a poem selected for a book when I was 10
        never saw a book then, or a cheque, or the “author” (or “thief” going round primary schools stealing children’s poems for their own profit?)

        honestly don’t really want anything, best to forget about them (and her)


        • I’d go with Bridget. Give the reader a point to focus on.

          Do I use ‘Dog Named Blue’ as the author name? You can contact me by email (the ‘about’ page) if you prefer not to have the name conversation open.


        • Both my kids had poems in books at that age. Even though both are as bad as me at poetry.

          They get the kids to write the poems for free, print the books and sell them back to the kids. Clever, innit?

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          • I once taught in a school that did that. Trouble was, the poems were mostly so poor (the children were quite young and hadn’t been taught any of the grammar and rules of rhythmic and sung language at all – it was just some teacher’s whim – ) that the book ended up reflecting badly on the school.


    • Legiron, I think this poem might be all right, and it says something important. It wants the meter and scanning cleaned up a little, to flow better to a reader coming to it first time.
      As I do stuff like that for my students, I could help this guy, and I could do it without changing a single word (I think.) I think he’d like to get it in. There’s a spelling mistake at the end of line 4….unless it was intentional and there could be subtext going on in there which I, not being dognameblue himself, would not have known about.


  2. My suggestion here is that you keep poetry in a separate anthology – it is really a different market. Maybe two or three poems by each poet or something?

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    • It looks like there might be enough interest for a separate book. Not sure I could pay £20 per poem, not yet anyway, so that might be payment in copies of the book.

      I wonder what to call it… Underdog Rhymes?

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        • I’ll set up a payment scale for future books. Story length, whether it’s brand new or previously published, all that jazz. I’d like to get this first one out in June so I’ll stick with a flat rate for it.

          Poems will be a separate book, as you suggested. There seems to be enough interest to make one.

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  3. I’m sending you a Sonnet. It’s about the Periodic Table. My students love it. I don’t want any money (anyway, there isn’t any, as you say.) If you decide to put it in, and feel like sending me just one book maybe in time, that will be fine.

    Actually I will add another one about plastic bags. A sonnet is a bit short and I managed 4 whole stanzas about disposable bags, and in a complex meter as well. You’ll have to decide if I am sane, or merely just like yourself.

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