About the Author

In this book we’re making, I absolutely encourage you to brag. I will have an ‘About the Author’ page at the start of every story. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I can make something up. You might well prefer that I didn’t do that 😉

If you want to promote other things you’ve written, a blog or a farcebok or twatter account or anything, you will have a page to do it. If you just want to tell people who you are (doesn’t have to be true, exaggeration and outright lies are allowed as long as they are funny) then go for it.

Yes, the ‘About the Author’ will be at the start. Publishing convention states they should be at the end so I’m not going to do it that way.

I’ll group stories/poems by author, apart from one who will have a 100 word short at the start of each story. You know who you are…


5 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Couldn’t give you a poem, dear chap, what about a limerick? (hat tip to Ms Racoon)

    There once was a chap called Leggie
    Who was incredilbly clean
    Said boss from the shop
    Grab hold of that mop
    And get rid of the mould green!



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