Define a ‘portion’

First, a book note. I have multiple stories by some of you and if I go with my plan of putting the ‘About the Author’ part beside the stories, I’m stuck with putting all of each author’s stories together rather than mixing them around a bit.

I’m considering a set of ‘About the Author’ pages at the end of the book instead. Does that sound like a better idea? Opinions are always welcome.

We now return to our regular programming….


Standardising food. Plain packaging has already been called for for food, and as with cigarettes, it’s not ‘plain packaging’ they really want. It’s standardised packaging. They want control of the size of the pack, not just the colour.  Junican pointed this out with cigarette packaging ages ago.

So the EU is being cajoled into standard portion sizes for ready meals. No matter if you want a snack or a full dinner, the meal will be the same size anyway. It’ll be snack size, not dinner size.

Some people have desk jobs and are sat down pretty much all day. Those people might need to watch their food intake, maybe use a gym or (much cheaper) go for a walk or ride a bike. Others work on building sites, farms etc and are engaged in burning calories at a high rate all day and every day. Some people need more calories per day than others. The Healthists impose the same ‘calorie intake requirement’ on everyone with no consideration of what they do all day and no allowance for metabolic variation.

To the point then. What is a ‘portion’. I don’t mean the Jethro version, I mean the food version.

For me, it’s as much as I feel like eating at one sitting. Sometimes a plateful. Sometimes a slice of cheese on a biscuit. It depends on what I did that day.

It does not depend on EU nor Healthist rules, and it never will.


14 thoughts on “Define a ‘portion’

  1. I hesitate to make any suggestions to increase the workload, but I think there’s a real value to having the AtA leading off the stories directly. I know that in my own book reading, I’ll often read that sort of thing in such a place while I’d never bother flipping around. And while the AtA at the end might feel like it’s a good way to recognize the authors’ contributions, having them immediately before the stories imparts a warmth and connection to what you’re about to read.

    In thinking about it a bit, I’m wondering if you might ask your Authors to write as you would write if you were writing a brief piece about them AND their story before the stories. And in the case of multiple stories, the actual bio type stuff before later stories would be largely replaced by either an expanded introduction to the story and/or a note about some aspect of the Author’s life that wasn’t part of the general bio but which is relevant for that story.


    As we noted earlier, Mr. Iron has had quite an adventuresome life, with careers ranging from biochemical genius to ever-grousing, practical-joking janitor.

    One side note not touched upon though was his aspiration to become the UK’s foremost whiskey taster. In this particular tale the Legglesome fellow tells of a harrowing night spent swimming round in a vat of whiskey after having fallen in….

    I’d also suggest taking a page from TNacht: use your font stylings to set off the intros from the stories themselves. The font can be smaller and bold-faced and maybe even italic since it’s only going to be a hundred or two words of reading, and the style change makes for a nice “break” in the reading while clearly setting off your words (even if they’re cadged from our words) as SAC (Senior Anthologizer in Charge).


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  2. Healthists or Health-shits, these Prodnoses should eff off.

    Other portion sizes: are five raspberries the same as five canteloupe melons? It’s all crap for the terminally stupid, the sheeple amongst us who cannot tie their own shoelaces (if they had shoes with laces which of course they don’t as they can’t tie them QED).
    But never mind, the endless rubbish churning out of the TV will keep them unthinkingly couched and doing what they’re told.
    I wonder if the people now starving in the “socialist paradise” of Venezuela – a country with more oil than Saudi Arabia, but strangely no money or food – are worrying about their portion sizes?

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    • All the waffle that you see on TV or read in the papers is deliberately spaced out over a period of time and authored by different people, backed up with multiple junk studies is aimed not at ordinary people but at politicians. Shouting long and hard causes politicians to NEED to ‘fix it’.

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