Russia: Land of hope and opportunity?

Surely even the dimmest of our politicians can see there’s something wrong with the country when people jump at the chance to move to Russia? More than just Russia – it’s Siberia!

(Thanks to M J McFadden for the email tip)

Worried about living under a dictatorship? Wake up, UK. You already are.

This country is run by people none of us voted for, who live in another country and the rules they set for us don’t apply to them. Have you seen how fat some of those politicians are? These are the same ones who want to impose a sugar tax on us because they claim we’re too fat.

Our Prime Monster, the Cameroid, wants the UK to remain subservient to Brussels. That’s his aim, and he states it quite clearly every day. Can you imagine Russia putting up with being ruled by a little clique of pompous asses in Brussels? I think Putin would have a very short answer to such a suggestion and he’d likely have 100% of the backing of the Russian people.

Yet the UK wants to remain in bondage to a superstate that imposes ever more ridiculous and restrictive laws on us. Really?

We’ll find out in June. Hopefully the feeling among the ‘no’ side is sufficiently strong that they’ll all turn out to vote. This is the big one, folks. It’s not just voting for the government this time. This time, you are deciding whether we are a country or just an occupied territory.

Voting for the government really doesn’t matter because few of them have any intelligence and they all do as the EU tells them anyway. They are just figureheads.

Many of them, especially their leaders, have become complacent and lazy. It’s an easy job when someone else does the thinking and tells you what to do and say. What, actually run the country? Actually have to do some real work? Nah, stay in the EU and they’ll make the decisions. Our government is feeble and pretty much powerless at a national level. All they can do is pick on little people as directed by the EU and the corporations.

So we have all those lifestyle Nazis getting the ear of the politicians because the politicians really have nothing else to do. They impose the idiotic restrictions the Righteous control freaks want because that makes it look as if they are actually doing something. Really, they should be far too busy with running a country to have time for the lunatic fringe. As it used to be, in the not-so-long-ago days.

Want to change that? Voting day is coming. This is your chance to change it. We are only ever going to get one chance.

Don’t miss it!



14 thoughts on “Russia: Land of hope and opportunity?


    “People who cut back their salt intake to half the recommended amount per day may be more at risk of having a heart attack or stroke, scientists have warned.
    Eating less than three grams of salt a day could lead to serious health problems in the future, according to a new study, which found current health recommendations appear to be confined only to those who have high blood pressure.”

    Lifestyle Nazis preparing the attack … 5-4-3-2-1-

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  2. “It’s an easy job when someone else does the thinking and tells you what to do and say. What, actually run the country? Actually have to do some real work? Nah, stay in the EU and they’ll make the decisions.”

    Absolutely right, Leggy. The reason why our politicians are so utterly useless is because the job that we think we are electing them to do no longer exists. It’s one of the reasons why a change of Government results in very little actual, real change. This article: explains in depth exactly why our current crop of politicians are so inept, and getting away with being inept, and why departure from the EU will inevitably force them to improve (or be kicked out). Take a look at it – you’ll like it. It points out one of the most positive things which would result from our leaving, rather than just, as the current (pretty useless) Leave campaigners are doing, countering the doom-laded horror-stories pumped out by the Remain campaign with even bigger horror-stories of their own.

    Your point about having enough time to pander to oddball single-issue campaign groups, like the anti-smoking mob, or (currently) the anti-sugar lot, and (probably shortly) the anti-booze, anti-salt and anti-meat brigades is spot on. If the country is sensible and votes for us to leave the EU, hopefully we’ll see less of this tinkering about with individuals’ personal lives and more of them actually dealing with the things that a Government should be dealing with.


  3. We’re out as well; it’ll make a pleasant change from spoiling my ballot, which is what I usually do. The buggers don’t need any more encouragement to think they’re in charge!

    We’re out of the UK too; work is afoot that will see us, in the next 6-8 months, condense everything we own down to portable proportions, buy an RV type vehicle and foxtrot oscar out of the UK. Especially Scotland; I don’t scare easy, but the SNP and their yellow brained sheep scare the crap out of me!


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