A tax on Dracula’s teabags

So it seems that women’s sanitary products have been subject to VAT all this time. Books are not subject to this tax. Books are important but not essential, the blood plug is essential for women who like to wear white trousers, or anything that isn’t blood leak coloured.

I didn’t know since I had no reason to ever buy the snuff movie mouse packs but apparently women have been paying VAT on a thing they have no choice but to buy. The other choice would be to wear blood coloured pants every month. The fanny vole, with its tail hanging out, is not a luxury. It’s an essential and should not be taxed.

Osborne, the man whose personal dickiness dwarfs the retarded tadpole between his legs, claims he tried to get rid of that daft tax and then we have the pretence of ‘Oh, the EU won’t let us‘.

As anger mounted today the EU put out a statement clarifying its position and insisting that it will bring forward new laws allowing member states to scrap VAT on tampons. 

Allowing. Get it yet? Osborne can make all the pronouncements he wants. He can promise anything but he, like the rest of Gubblement, can only do what the EU allows them to do.

Who runs this country? It’s not me. It’s not you. It’s not even the people you vote for.

Want your country back? A month from now you get your one and only chance to do it.

But hey, maybe don’t bother. Perhaps you like living the old Soviet way.

It’s actually better than what we have coming.


12 thoughts on “A tax on Dracula’s teabags

  1. They should have all dressed up in white pants at just the right time of the month and attended Council meetings where TV cams were expected. If that didn’t make their point, they could arrive a bit early the following month, and take “practice sittings” in the Councillors’ chairs before they filed in.

    – MJM

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  2. When I was in London in the 80s, the West Indian blacks used ‘blood cloth’ as an insult. It was, however, always delivered in a broad Jamaican patois (although the closest most of them had ever got to Jamaica was Brixton in south east London, when they went to score some ganja), as in ” Iyani siz ya de blod clot mon”.

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    • Perhaps I should point out that “Iyani” (I and I) was a favoured term stemming from the Rastafarian religion, and referred to ‘me and the God within me’.

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  3. According to the Telegraph this is the actual fact of the matter –
    “The average woman menstruates for four days a month and uses 20 tampons for each period. That is 240 tampons a year. Superdrug’s own-brand tampons are priced (quite typically for tampons in most stores) at £1.89 for 32 regular sized.
    The average woman therefore needs eight boxes to get her through an entire year, giving an annual spend on tampons of around £15, which is rather a lot less than the claimed £492.
    That means her annual VAT bill for sanitary products would be a whopping – wait for it – 75 pence a year. ”
    The point about EU foreigners deciding on UK taxes is nevertheless valid and of course I will be voting “Out”.
    Disposable sanitary products are worth mentioning as an example of foreign interference, however our own lot aren’t necessarily any more reasonable. The essential and most important medication, and a mighty benefit to all mankind, is soap. It’s ubiquitous and isn’t even considered as a medicine by most, but try not using it for a week or two or imagining the results of a restaurant toilet without it. Soap, the barrier between good health and explosive diarrhoea plus various skin diseases, is the most effective safeguard to productivity and reduced medical costs and it’s importance cannot be overstated.
    It is, of course, subject to VAT. In other words, says the government, “Pay us for not being ill.”

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  4. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: when proposing a theory, always state your assumptions. The EU Remain’s main assumption is that the EU will carry on operating exactly the same in future as it does now.

    This is demonstrably incorrect, as even a cursory look at the finances several Eurozone countries will tell you.

    Greece is a known basket-case, and is currently operating under an austerity regime because it is so utterly incompetent at operating like a modern nation. What it actually needs is its own currency, so it can inflate away debts and generally play fast and loose with its currency like it always used to do.

    Italy has a steadily worsening debt to GDP ratio. So do France, Spain, Portugal and pretty much everyone save Germany. At some point in the future, the Eurozone will face a choice: stop operating like a confederation of independent states and operate like a single country (meaning Germany has to pay for everyone else’s debts) or collapse in a heap. As the Germans don’t see why they have to pay for everyone else’s fiscal irresponsibility, this latter option is what will happen.

    The EU is also trying to operate a foreign policy using gibbering lunatics as policy setters. A certain Mr Vladimir Putin seems to have engineered a migrant crisis, which the German-led policy group tried to deal with by telling everyone that every country had to take a share of migrants, most of whom seem to be footloose young men of Third World origin and culture.

    So, a load of happy young workers who’ll work for any wage, being assigned to countries where the youth unemployment rates are already over fifty percent? Nice move you idiots; you’re annoying the one demographic with least to lose and most to gain from rioting repeatedly and persistently, because you’re just managed to crap on them by introducing huge competition for their employment.

    The EU most certainly will not continue as it has up to now,

    The EU’s poorer members will riot and secede from the club in very short order, in the next few years, and in the mean time the Euroland masters will do everything they can to shore up the currency, up to and most certainly including raiding the bank accounts of private citizens across the EU. This will trigger capital flight, bank runs and an incredible surge in gold prices as people seek to escape the madness.

    Do we really want to stay in the madhouse for this?


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