The time has come…

… the Walrus said, to speak of many things. Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings.

I think I might still have this as a B side on seven inch vinyl. A slight digression. Although the final lines are relevant to the modern day if you replace Jimmy with Ahmed.

I think that should make it clear this is one of my rambling posts. Switching between subjects at random. CynaraeStMary is visiting this week and there’s the author contracts to set up and I have another contract to sign for another reason and… in short, it’s going to be at least a week of random switching between things. Expect any posts that appear to be much the same, for pretty much the whole month.

The first anthology is now officially closed to submissions although it will take a week or so to get it ready for distribution. I still need to send author contracts and payments and it can’t appear until that’s completed. Next up is the Christmas book and the poetry book but I can still take late submissions for the random anthology for a few days. Don’t worry about missing this one. There’ll be more.

This first one will be out in June. I’m not going to be a messing-about publisher. I’m going to be a fast one. I have made a promise and I will not fail you all.

There is also the Blogbook idea I mentioned some time back. It sort of faded out. Could be time for it to fade back in.

There is nothing in this post about shoes and ships and sealing wax but we have cabbage shaped kings. Round and green and tasteless. They run the EU and sensible countries will get out of it as soon as they can.

Maybe we’ll be first. We won’t be last.

There hasn’t been much smoker hate lately. The Righteous are more concerned with the rise of the vapers and for many vapers, this smoker is just going to laugh. So superior, eh? Hahaha. One Of Us. Chant it, brethren. Resistance is futile. More vapers are realising this, but there will always be a few who scoff at the smokers and pretend they didn’t come from our ranks. Scoff all you want. It doesn’t matter. The antismokers hate you as much as they hate us.

And now, the fat lady sings. But she doesn’t because fat is now evil and costs the Notional Health Disservice money – and that is really all they care about. You? You don’t matter at all. Your life belongs to the Righteous, and so does the State. Work. Consume. Die.

Anyway, it’s getting late and there is much to do tomorrow. For now, I’ll say goodnight.


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