Silent running

Still editing. It’s taking a while. I’m assembling the author sections and will send them out for checking over as each becomes complete. Then, once everyone is happy, the author contracts and at long last, money (and/or books) change hands.

I have been amazed at the imagination in these stories. I wonder why many of you aren’t already published. It’s going to be a hell of a book but definitely not for under 18s. There’s some rough stuff in there but well told and well written too.

I’ll be quiet while I do this. Maybe I can persuade CynaraeStMary to do a post to keep you all entertained in the meantime.

And maybe in the next one there’ll be author photos too. You can start considering how you want to be portrayed…


8 thoughts on “Silent running

  1. I would like to own a First Edition copy of the first book by the Underdog Press. if they will be in hard-copy, do you have an idea of how much it will be?

    Ideally, the Publisher might perhaps sign it for me before dispatch?

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          • Hmm…. bizarre, but … but… there IS something attractive about the idea.

            Might take forever though. And, given my own history of enormous difficulties with the postal service it might end at my doorstep. (Although, if I was the initiator sending out the first step, there wouldn’t be a lot lost if I fell through. LOL!)


            I have an alternative suggestion: Could we all send you our own jpgs or pngs or gifs (whichever would work best for line drawing?) of our signatures which you could then cut ‘n paste on an opening page? I’m reasonably proficient with graphics stuff at that level and could take a flyer at producing at least a first copy. Heck we could even have little thumbnail pics next to our sigs!

            That might get scary though.

            Another alternative, one that might help fund this venture if your costs aren’t covered (Heh, as you’re probably aware, self-publishing is far more often a matter of breaking even than of profit! LOL!), would be doing the “original signature” mail-around copy thing and then auctioning off the one-of-a-kind multi-signed copy!


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