On Thursday this week, I will vote to leave the EU. Mostly because I want to see this country grow up and stand on its own. The people have become so weak now, I have even heard 20 year olds commenting on it. Really, when someone that young is noticing changes within their lifetime, it’s long past time to call a halt.

So I will vote to leave. You can call me racist, Nazi, bigot, homophobe, paedo, fish tickler and badger botherer. Anything. I don’t care. None of them are true. Well almost none. I did once tickle a fish.

I won’t call you anything in return. I won’t kill you, maim you, bruise you or even inconvenience you. I am not a saggy Irish ex-punk singer who likes to abuse fishermen from a safe distance, nor a Remainian who insists that anyone with a different opinion is evidently lower than something Satan had to flush twice.

I’m just going to vote. That’s all I’m going to do because in the end it’s all that matters.

What you want to do is up to you, but you are not going to change my mind with abuse or threats or by blaming me for things I have never done. Those things simply harden my resolve.

We have been distracted by football violence this week. Initially blamed solely on England fans by the British media, but they had to backtrack when the rest of the world recognised that Russian woodland-trained crazy bastards were the root cause. Turkey is sending its elite crazy bastards to the after-match, before-match and during-match senseless violence too. I see Croatia has now entered the competition.

Oh it’s not surprising. Football is competitive. The fans are competitive too. If you say the England fans are the most violent arseheads in the game then other countries are going to say ‘Yeah? Watch this, ya fookas’ and it is only going to escalate. The Arsehead Express is coming to town.

And then you get a crazed loner going out to kill a woman politician. He has a homemade gun and a knife, is arrested at the scene and is still considered a ‘suspect’. He was caught in the act, he’s not a ‘suspect’, he’s a murdering bastard and should be locked up forever.

But that’s British law. Innocent until proven guilty in court, and that’s actually a good thing. In this case it isn’t likely to take long but the process is laudable nonetheless.

If I was in charge there would be harsher penalties for a man attacking a woman, but that probably makes me a misogynist. The Wimmin will be out to protest that they are perfectly capable of beating a man senseless without outside help. Some of them are…

The crazed killer who murdered a defenceless MP is being linked to the Brexit campaign. Smug evil Remainians have been on Twitter to tell us that we are all evil murderers, even though there is nothing to link him to Brexit at all. Strangely, these same smug evil swines take great pains to point out that the Orlando shooter was not representative of all of Islam. Double standards much?

There is now a petition to cancel the EU referendum. Not postpone it, cancel it. Parliament will naturally seize on this since it is their only chance of staying in the EU and staying on the gravy train.

There are those who consider the murder of an MP to be a ‘false flag’ and really, would those who have used the tactics of the Remain group stoop so low as to sacrifice one of their own for The Cause? You know, the more I think about it, the more I really wouldn’t put it past them.

Whatever the murderer’s motive, the Remainians have wasted no time in using this vicious crime for political advantage. They will now try to stop the referendum happening at all.

I can only imagine that Remainians are afraid to live their own lives. They are the same people, by and large, who want to live everyone else’s for them but they rely on the EU to run their own lives. Sad and feeble people, really.

We are going to leave the EU. Either by Thursday’s vote or shortly thereafter when the whole rotten edifice falls apart on its own. I’d rather not be part of it when that happens.

There will be more distractions this week. They will want to hide that they’ve just let Turkey join and that Switzerland has withdrawn its application to join.

The Remain campaign offers nothing but more subservience. They have nothing but abuse and rhetoric to put before us. If we lose this vote on Thursday they will crow victory and things will get a lot worse for everyone. The EU will already have punishments lined up for us for daring to try to leave and if we don’t leave, we will suffer for our effrontery.

It won’t be ‘just the same’ if the vote says we stay in. It will be much, much worse.

We have to get away from these control freaks and ideally, send all the Remain campaigners over to that oppressive Stalinist regime they love so much.

It’s time to stop cowering against the threats and the abuse. It’s time to see past the distractions.

It’s time to be a country again.

21 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. Not that I place much faith in polls, but I hear that the newest ones are showing some remainiacs turning into don’t knows. Leavers still ahead.

    I’m really concerned about what happens if the result is stay, or the political class decides to ignore an out vote.

    The uncertainties of getting out don’t worry me because however shonky the lifeboat, it’s got to be better than remaining on the sinking Titanic

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  2. I agree, there is nothing they can say or do to change my mind and I won’t be fooled again. I love Europe and lived in Germany for some years but I loathe what the EU has turned into. The murder of the MP was a tragedy and perpetrator clearly has mental problems and nothing to do with the referendum or the leave side. If the vote is for remain it will show that we are no longer the country and people we once were, God help us.

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  3. Question from a man on the other side of the world.

    the political class decides to ignore an out vote.
    Isn’t there already a precedent for that – the Netherlands?

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  4. From across the ocean, the perception I have is that the issue is just too heated for Parliament to ignore a Brexit vote unless it is truly razor-thin close. Within a few tenths of a percent the Remainers MIGHT be able to stir up enough fuss with allegations of fraud to engineer a second vote, but even that would be rough.

    – MJM, a Yank, not a Crank…

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  5. “…would those who have used the tactics of the Remain group stoop so low as to sacrifice one of their own for The Cause?”

    Google the name “Anna Lindh”. She was a Swedish politician murdered by a ‘lone nutter’ three days before Sweden voted on whether to join the Euro in 2003. Campaigning was suspended during the mourning period.
    As for Thursday, I’m calling it now: votes cast in person will narrowly go for Brexit. ‘Unexpectedly high’ postal votes will swing it over to Remain by 1-2%.

    “Oh dear. Narrowly beaten again, eh? Just like in South Thanet, and in Austria. Well, better luck next time.”

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  6. As you know, I am one who considers it to be a ‘false flag’. Why? I had been saying in private that should the result look like being in the balance then there would be an attack. I obviously thought the usual ‘political’ game changer of a bomb would be involved.

    That might still happen, but I suppose that knowing how sappy the British people have become, the easier option was to use the national weakness of thinking with our emotions rather than with our brains. That the poor woman to be sacrificed was a typical leftie, member of the appalling ‘Hope Not Hate’ and pressed other appropriate buttons adds fuel to the conjecture. I have been labelled ‘disgusting’, ‘despicable’ and worse things on unsociable media for daring to question the reasons behind people’s grief.

    I was going to write a blog post about this, but the more I learn, the more convoluted it appears. The typical US school shooting is carried out by a young man who has been prescribed anti-psychotic drugs and who turns the gun on himself after the rest of the killing is over. This is different.

    For me, it is the timing that is the biggest clue of it being an Establishment assassination. It could hardly have come on a more ‘handy’ day, with the funeral on or very near to the referendum day, if it isn’t cancelled.

    Some issues:

    1) ‘Mental illness’ is generally misunderstood, even by the ‘experts’. When you read what Thomas Mair said a few years ago as reported in the local press, he is obviously rather erudite. Not the sort of character the media is trying to portray him as being, i.e. a bit of a thick recluse. I think he would have been aware – had he not been set up as a patsy? – that his actions would be grievous to his supposed ‘far right’ cause.

    2) Initial reports were of him shouting something like ‘put Britain first’ as he was shooting, but later, witnesses reported that he hadn’t said anything. On being asked, one witness quoted by the media as having heard him shouting this said that he heard no such thing. In fact, the ‘witnesses’ rolled out for the telly ‘news’ seem to be contradicting themselves. One strange character said that he didn’t hear any shots. Conversely, at the initial court hearing, Mair gave his name as, “Death to Traitors, Freedom for Britain”.

    3) He has lived in the same house for a long time and his neigbours know him as a quiet and helpful chap, who used to do lots of gardening and other chores for people and never spoke about politics, not even with his family (he had a half brother whose dad was West Indian and with whom he got on well, we are told) – never spoke much about anything. Now we learn that in the previous couple of weeks he had been hurling verbal abuse at Asian cab drivers who asked their firm that he be blacklisted. The day before the shooting, he tried to get urgent help for his depression from his ‘alternative’ therapist who didn’t help him. Were these out-of-character incidents a side-effect of drug-induced hypnosis as part of mind control?

    4) Within a very short time, we learned that Mair had bought ‘far right’ material and instructions to build a pistol via invoices going back to 17 years ago, released by the American ‘civil rights’ group, the Southern Poverty Law Center. How was this information found so quickly? Someone recognised the name from all those years ago? I don’t remember a single name of my customers from last week.

    5) What happened to Mair? Police appear to be bandaging his head on this amateur video after his capture then leaning him against a fence. https://youtu.be/lxjQkcXnMxE

    6) I expect Mair’s Twitter a/c may have been taken down by now, but a Lee Peters claims to have got to it on 17th and comments, I went away and started profiling thomas mair this morning including a look through his twitter postings. I found a number of markers that were disturbing and believe he may have been induced into the murder. The leave campaign was enjoying a healthy lead and had every confidence in next weeks referendum, the result of this has certainly turned opinion. Just another page out of the Noam Chomsky play book. (International Business Times)

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  7. I’ve never had my “impartial guide to voting…” that a frequent, patronising and no doubt extremely expensive TV advert tells me should’ve come through my letterbox weeks ago.
    Not sure why we need a guide to vote – as far as I’m aware I just put a cross in a box (I’ll be taking a pen with me).

    Once upon a time I’d have considered the assassination idea preposterous, but I used to be more naive than I am now. I find it extraordinary that anyone has signed a petition to cancel the referendum and there’d be real trouble if tens of millions of people were denied their vote on the say so of 100k.

    Love Spawney Get’s uploads – I’ve never heard anyone better explain the £350M than that letter.

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  8. Postal votes are where the cheating will take place. During the Scottish Referendum postal votes saw 97% or more. Luckily Vote No people also offered to help postal voters to choose who should get their vote. Yeah right. Also, Tory tank commander sampled the postal votes and knew before anyone else did that the majority of the postal votes were for no.


    • Me too. I was surprised that Dimbledee was as robust as the audience in putting the boy on the spot.

      This morning the Indy’s come out for remain.

      I don’t understand anyone voting to remain – for me the only question is do you want to be ruled by a group that you can never hold to account and the only possible answer if you don’t want serfdom is no.

      It’s too depressing to think that remain might win because the hard of thinking have been swayed by its shameless and crass exploitation of Jo Cox’s death together with that ill-judged poster.


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