Never the easy way

Okay, that’s the referendum out of the way, aside from the bleating of those who cannot accept they were outvoted this time. When people develop a mindset that tells them they are always right, when they believe themselves intelligent even though they struggle to spell IQ, that is always going to happen. Get the popcorn, open the news feed, and watch them scramble.

As for me, well, things just got interesting. Sigh. Yes, again.

I was on the verge of shutting down my little lab completely. I hadn’t had cause to use it for a long time and really, it was just a white elephant.

The janitor job had more hours cut again and I really think we’re being phased out. With no other suitable jobs around I decided to invent my own and started setting up as a publisher. That’s going well, but not as fast as I had hoped.

For the next two weeks I am working as holiday cover for the Other Me in the shop so I’ll be there every day. Then Boss goes on holiday for a week – and then I have to take time off or I’ll go insane in there!

So, with all this going on, what does Life do? It throws me a curve ball.

After a few phone calls, I have a meeting next week to discuss doing some research work for a Very Big Company, using my little lab. Why me? Well, I have the intestine simulator in my lab, and you can’t buy this thing. I made it from the ground up and this latest version isn’t in any publically available research paper. It’s only been used in commercial research. The lab has a last minute reprieve. Well, I’ll keep it for another three months and see if this project gets anywhere. Very Big Companies sometimes float ideas and then just say ‘nah’.

As if it wasn’t going to be busy enough with holiday cover and starting up a publishing business, I now have to prepare to sell my brain to a Big Company that has so much money they can pay me enough out of the petty cash box to at least double my annual income.

So, which of the jobs will take a back seat? None of them of course. Everything will take a little longer than I had anticipated but nothing is getting shelved. It’ll be a hellishly busy few weeks but it’s all going to happen. All of it. Impossible? Probably. I’ll do it anyway.

Am I making this difficult enough? Maybe I should start learning Danish at the same time, just to make it more interesting…

15 thoughts on “Never the easy way

  1. I hope the research project goes well. I’m setting up a microbrewery and need some lab kit like a decent bench centrifuge, pH meter and the like. Any suggestion re suppliers of good refurbished kit?

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    • I have a spare PH meter (well, pH controller really but it does the job) but it will need a new electrode.

      As for bench centrifuges, the one I have spins out bacteria but you won’t need that kind of speed to spin out yeasts.

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  2. This is really good news, Leggy. I know that you had your reasons – and very good reasons they were, too – for ditching the science and doing something completely different, but your knowledge and skills were definitely, definitely wasted cleaning a shop. But then, you knew that anyway, didn’t you? Maybe now, with the prospect of Brexit, we will start to see a resurgence in real, meaningful scientific projects being undertaken once more, rather than the statistics-dressed-up-as-science that we’ve had presented to us as “research” over the last few decades. Perhaps this offer to you is a sign that some Very Big Companies (who may – who knows? – have simply been waiting for this moment) are starting to recognise that there’s now the possibility of investing in UK science for science’s sake and getting really meaningful results that can be used for the benefit of everyone, rather than stuff that really only serves a political purpose and benefits only politicians and single-issue pressure groups with a one-eyed preoccupation with the axe that they wish to grind. Fingers crossed!

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    • Wasted? The shop has never been cleaner and there has not been a single incident of customer-based arse explosion since I got there. Well, apart from the ones who arrived with it.

      Even Boss has said she can’t work to my standard. I disagree, it just takes practice and maybe a bit of OCD perfectionism 😉

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  3. At last, some good news! I hope it works out and they pay you lots and lots of lovely lolly. You deserve it after all the crap you’ve had over the years…


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