When the cat is out the mice will party

So my little minions, Leggy is busy doing science and books so as Miss Penelope Garcia would say


I am the happy owner of a Chrome Cast and with it I got 3 months of a Danish streaming service so I have been spending many a night with the hoglet watching Criminal Minds. We’re now halfway through season 10, the last season on the site so after that we’ll have to find something else to catch up on.

Ingeborg the new hedgehog is doing very well. She has got two little sleeping bags and she has of course managed to poop on both of them already. One night whilst watching our nightly TV I was snacking on some peas so I figured maybe the hoglet would like a taste. She did a few chews and then spat it out on my chest. Tonight we try water melon.I have a feeling that’ll end up on my chest too with a look of where are my Whiskas treats?

Leggy and I have been partying like 1999. Well minus hookers and coke. And besides a few whiskeys to Leggy no hard liquor either. So ehm.. Leggy and I have been to two weddings. First in Scotland where his friend was married and a week later here in Denmark where my mum’s close friend got married. Can I just as a foreigner say that there is a lot of weird dancing taking place in Scottish weddings? I’m Danish. We have soup, roast, ice cream and heaps of beer. Actually the inn where my mum’s friend had her wedding hadn’t allowed a wedding party for almost 10 years because the guests would get too drunk and start fights. And since it was pretty much a living museum, breaking something in a fight was not seen on with kind eyes. So for someone where the wedding waltz at the end is sometimes the only dance at a wedding I found it just a tad too Dancing with the stars. Truthfully I wasn’t expecting coke and hookers, that’s more for the bachelor party, but I wasn’t expecting Pride and Prejudice dancing either.

We went to see another Scottish stately home or castle. We had a great day walking around the grounds looking at trees and birds. We met a flock of geese with younglings ย and for some reason Leggy didn’t think it would be a good idea to bring one of them home. I even volunteered to help capture it, well on land that is. In the water he’s on his own. I can swim but that would need recording and I’m not risking a drowned phone. We also saw a heron. It was standing so still for such a long time that we thought it was a plastic one. When it started sniffing in our direction and licking its beak we quickly decided it was time to move on.Strangely enough a heron isn’t an approved choice of pet either. I suggested it could live in the bathtub and we could occasionally feed it goldfish.



Now of course I once again bought a ton of new nail polish. I was doing the nails on the first bride so that was my excuse to shop like it was the last day of nail polish ever being made. The bride was very happy with her manicure. She got silver nails, matching her dress, decorated with rose decals. Of course I forgot all about getting a picture of my work. I did take part in a nail challenge in May. June was too busy with weddings though to keep up with two weekly manis but I count on being back next month.

I hope you’re all well and enjoying the summer



16 thoughts on “When the cat is out the mice will party

  1. So, I think what we all want to know is…

    Do you do Leggy’s nails too?

    Heehee… wonderful fill in for Horrauthor, but but tell him to get ‘is nose outta the feedbag and start peckin’ at the keys with it. I was beginning to fear he’d Brexited on his own and was swimming the Channel!

    Glad to hear you’re all having funz though! ‘Specially since, according to the Remainers, These Are The End Days, true?

    MJM, who might survive swimming the Channel himself… if it was 20 feet instead of 20 miles… though even at 20 feet it would be a bit tricky. I’m one o’ dem lucky souls who can lie down and relax without moving… at the bottom of a pool.

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  2. MJM: “Iโ€™m one oโ€™ dem lucky souls who can lie down and relax without movingโ€ฆ at the bottom of a pool.” I thought it was just me who could sit on the bottom of the pool watching the world go by.

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  3. I discovered why my going-on-elderly Leggs seems to have been eating more than the normal amount of catfood lately. Evidently there’s a whole passle o’ mice that have been jumping in and out of his food bowl with tasty bits of cat chow to bring back to their nests. Ol’ Queen Cat figgers it’s not worth disturbing her beauty rest over, since the bowl gets refilled anyway, eh?

    Actually, it’s sorta sweet: she’d rather be with me than in the other room catching the thieving mouseykins. Sooo… I’ve relocated the food bowl. If the mice follow it in to its new location just a few feet from the places she likes to catnap maybe she’ll be spurred to teach them a lesson in good citizenship.

    – MJM

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