Plants and feet

So I am trying something that could possibly just go wrong. I’ve planted seeds. Yes, you may ask “How can that be a fast car to death?”. Well let me tell you the story of the girl with the black thumb. Although I think they simply get into my house and decides to commit suicide. There may be a sign outside my door reading “Abandon hope, all ye who enter here!” only visible to plant life.
Now it’s not that I don’t try. I would at least get A for effort, not that it seems to make any difference on the longevity of the plant life spans. I may have killed off around 8 or so flowers and 3 cacti. We are over in serial killer material. In the beginning I started out naive, thinking it would be a long relationship and I’d have lots of greenery but after a while I had to realise that that won’t really happen on my own. I found a youtube clip with sounds of rain that I would play every time little planty was watered. That didn’t stop it from dying. Now I admit that the something violet plant’s death was sort of my fault. It had these really suspicious spots on the leaves and I got paranoid and may have cut off a big chunk of the leaves off. It didn’t survive. Then there was the one where the roots got mouldy, the ones that drowned, the ones that dried out and whatever else I put the poor plants through.
One of the local supermarket have been having a campaign where for every 50 kr spent in the shop you get a small planting kit for free. It contained a pot, earth, seeds and a plant marker. I got a kind of salad, leeks, cherry tomatoes, basil and aubergine kits so I figured since I already had them I may as well try and see if I can actually manage to make them grow. I figured we could make a series out of it. I personally suggest that you guys make some bets on who will survive and who will die first. It can be almost a Hunger Games for plants. Start out with 5 plants, who will survive to the end? Or will they all die gruesome deaths one by one?
If a kid can do this I’m sure I can find a way of screwing it up.

So today was planting day. Day 1 in operation plant!
Now already here I managed to get a bit confused. I hadn’t realised that the brown coin like thing was the earth so I had bought a big bag of it last time I went shopping. But apparently by adding some water the earth puffed up by magic and suddenly you had enough to fill up the cup. Now I must admit that this was pretty fun.

Besides playing with plants I’ve been cleaning and tiding up. The parental unit is visiting tomorrow. My washing machine has yet again decided it doesn’t want to work so Papa J will have to look at it.
Yesterday was a fun day even though it started way too early which in my world is before 7. But on the bright side it did mean I wasn’t woken up at 8 by the big machinery driving past the garden. The building is getting a new roof which isn’t bad but damn do they make a lot of noise. Best part will be when they sometime in November get around to changing all the windows. *Sigh*
I have a good friend who recently went through minor surgery, but since she’s allergic to most kinds of pain medicine she’s been on morphine. So yesterday whilst her husband was at work I came over to keep an eye on her. Now of course I brought along lots of sweets and crisps so she could wallow in her pain. We had a pretty good day together and it was the first time I had a nap outside home.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend


19 thoughts on “Plants and feet

  1. Have you tried talking to your plants? More importantly do you listen to what they say to you?

    (Shortened version of the A La Carte Paris Mix)


      • Don’t image-google ‘fisting’. I got caught with that years back because I didn’t believe it was possible and the images are seared onto my cortex now.

        What has been seen cannot be unseen!


              • Heh! Bad friends are tutors in the university of life. I can count among my past friends armed bank robbers, murderers, major drug smugglers, pimps and prostitutes, con-men and politicians. All of them have been good people in their own way, but with flaws. But then, who is perfect? Not me, and that’s for sure!

                I’d rather associate with those ‘bad guys’ than the self-righteous pricks who try to socially engineer me (without much success, it must be said) any day.

                And I’m with Legs on this one – fisting really isn’t my cup of tea. But, different strokes for different folks, as they say. Whatever floats your boat…


                • Well seems like my friends are pretty tame compared to yours. I just know a guy who finds the weirdest porn. Did you know a woman can get it on with a gear stick or a trailer hook? Not something I had seen coming.

                  Yeah, I don’t get fisting but as long as I’m not involved im okay with it.


      • Yep. Little Shop of Horrors was SUPPOSED to be a “romantic comedy.” Unfortunately they filmed part of it oven in the UK and Leggy was humming to himself as he passed several hundred yards from the set where they were shooting. The lead actress was devoured on the spot, and since it was her film debut her name has been lost to history.

        So sad…

        – MJM


  2. As an avid Horticulturist with considerable success of growing from seed I must state that planting seeds is a noble and worthwhile cause and I salute you, but I perceive from the written and photo evidence some glaring mistakes that could lead to failure to germinate;

    Seeds as one knows contain all the genetic and initial energy required to germinate, only requiring external stimuli of light, moisture and ventilation.

    They do not require any nutrient rich soil or germination matter, in fact one can germinate seeds from a paper towel or even sand provided the three main external stimuli are present.

    It is when “potting on” that more nutrients need to be introduced.

    They must not be buried too deep, and a good indicator is the size of the seed itself as a guide to the depth required, as if Mother nature has provided the horticulturist with just the right guide in the seed size itself.

    As stated the germination matter is ideally free draining so should not be matter rich so that excess moisture does not accumulate and lead to the seeds rotting or developing fungus (hence ventilation is important) Moisture is very important of course and you must not let any seeds or seedlings dry out or they will die.

    Light is of course paramount and windowsills are the ideal environment but you should look to shield them from direct strong sunlight if it becomes very hot. You can create a mini greenhouse inside the home by using a clear plastic bag and covering the pot if the plant needs additional heat to promote growth but be careful to allow sufficient ventilation to prevent fungus growth.

    You should inspect your seed tray daily and attend to any issues that are lacking such as moisture, ventilation etc.

    When seedlings appear the time to “pot on” to a more nutrient rich environment is when a minimum of two leaves are present.

    You should never handle seedlings by their stems, they are too fragile and if damaged the seedling’s growth will be impaired or perhaps it may even die. Always handle to “pot on” by one of the leaves and treat delicately as you would any fragile item.

    You should also research the ideal conditions, soil type, pests, diseases and other factors that could impair or promote the growth of the plant you are attempting to grow.

    Good luck, if successful you will gain the same sense of achievement, food for the soul and contentment many horticulturists share.


    • Thank you very much for the advice and your time. I really appreciate it. As you can see I have no idea what I’m doing. There came a card with each kit saying you should put the seeds in at about 0.50 cm from the edge so that is what I tried to do. I will certainly take your rule of thumb about the seed size to heart next time I plant.

      The seeds are in those cardboard thingies for now. When moving them to a bigger pot would you recommend just putting the cardboard pot in or removing it first?
      The card said to remove it but the mothership said to leave it as it would dissolve in the bigger pot.


      • Either is OK but it depends on a judgement call based on the growth and health of the plant. If it looks to be struggling a set of fresh nutrient rich soil/compost with added vermiculite for drainage generally 1 for 1 volume is ideal. If it looks happy and healthy the Mothership has it right.


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