A new deal

Okay. I am running slow on this because of things that happened but it has not been abandoned. I have to get your money sent out soon.

Here is an amended author agreement. It is specific to the first anthology and will change for subsequent books. If everyone involved is okay with this I can get the agreement and the money passed out this week. The book might take a little longer but that’s my problem, not yours.

You are not doing this for free. I wouldn’t 🙂


The Underdog Anthology

Author Contract

This contract constitutes an agreement between the AUTHOR and PUBLISHER that permits the PUBLISHER one use of the AUTHOR’s work in this one anthology. This single use extends to worldwide publication in print and eBook formats in English only.

Copyright remains with the AUTHOR and all publication and ancillary rights (TV, film, other media rights, audiobook, translation into other languages) remain with the AUTHOR. The PUBLISHER purchases only the right to include the story in the anthology titled ‘The Underdog Anthology’ in print and eBook format and may not use the story in any other publication or form without the prior written consent of the AUTHOR.

Any interest shown by a third party in acquiring film etc. rights will be referred to the AUTHOR. The PUBLISHER will take no further part in the matter, and will expect no reimbursement or percentage of any deal made between the third party and the AUTHOR in respect of their story in The Underdog Anthology.

The AUTHOR, for their part, warrants that the work is their own and is not copied, plagiarised or downloaded from another author’s work. That no part of the work identifies any living person nor exposes the publisher to any legal action by said living person or relative. The AUTHOR accepts that any responsibility for libel or lawsuit is their responsibility and not the PUBLISHER, who has accepted the story in good faith. That they have full rights to the story and that if it has been published elsewhere previously, it remains or has reverted to full ownership by the AUTHOR at the time of submission.

The AUTHOR accepts that payment (in cash, copies of the book or as may be alternatively agreed) means that the story becomes a permanent part of The Underdog Anthology and that upon publication, the AUTHOR retains all rights to re-use the story elsewhere in any form they choose but cannot subsequently demand it be retracted from the already-published book.


(Amended 6th July 2016 and again the following night. I’ll get there…)


8 thoughts on “A new deal

  1. [No legal background, but I’ve read a LOT of contracts…]

    author and publisher should be capitalized throughout (because they’re entities / parties?)

    2nd para – change “will not” to “may not” (shall not?), otherwise this conflicts with final para.

    Otherwise looks good.

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    • Duly adjusted 🙂 I deleted the final para since it’s now all in the second one.

      Early start tomorrow, so I have to try to force my body clock into normal human time tonight. Boss wanted me to do the day shift so she can take her kids to prison. Things could be a bit erratic for a couple of days.


  2. Also – I’m not sure about all the other authors involved….. I know it’s only £20 or something (or a vanity copy in my case) – but I’m really, really bouncing up and down in excitement about this whole thing. Can’t wait!

    Liked by 2 people

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