Poke ’em and Go

It’s a fun game. You just need a sharpened pencil or a pointy stick.

Apparently that’s not what the game is called and not what it’s about. I preferred my version but hey ho. You have to see invisible monsters through your phone when out alone on dark nights. It’s a wonderful story idea, isn’t it?

As I told some of the staff who play this game, what if one of them isn’t part of the game but is actually a demon in disguise? Suddenly… Satan! And instead of you throwing your balls at him, he pokes yours! With a pitchfork.

Some of them have given up playing now. I guess it didn’t hold their interest.

It’s probably for the best. Going out on dark nights and waving your balls around is just going to get you arrested.

There have been incidents all over the place, even on Aberdeen beach which is the cleanest beach on the planet because no bugger can stand the cold, where flash mobs descend to catch Floobymon or whatever the rare one is called.

It. Does. Not. Exist.

Bread and circuses – and the ultimate circus is interactive. Chasing digitised things that do not exist outside Phoneworld. Which is your reality now? The cartoon phone monsters or the dark and sad images in the background? You know… real life.

Are they being trained? Maybe to be happy about the spreading knowledge that most money doesn’t exist. It’s just digital computer bytes.

Maybe it’s a cull. ‘There’s a super rare one in the fast lane of the motorway!’ I’d do that. I confess I’d do it but not for Green reasons. For the lulz 🙂

Anyway, I finally have a couple of days off so I can catch up on the anthology at last. I won’t be out chasing nonexistent cartoons.

I have real shit to deal with.


20 thoughts on “Poke ’em and Go

  1. I walk the bonkers dog in St Andrews Park, just around the corner from where I live here in Bristol. Last week I noticed couples staring at their mobile phones more intently than usual, wandering about trying to locate something…

    Now I’m used to mobile phone users, with their headphones on, walking about looking like they are making tri-corder readings in early episodes of Star Trek, and paying no attention whatsoever to their surroundings, but this was different. So I said to the next pair I saw… Pokemon Go is it? Yeah! how did you know that? They replied. Well I’m gnarled and old but I’m still very hip to the inanities of this world youngsters! To which they snorted and went on their virtually pointless way.

    The only GO I play is the Japanese original. I doubt the current crop of yoof would have the patience or the brainpower to master it. 😉

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  2. My yungest daughter found one in my kitchen! I’ve banned her from any mention of it, even to her elder sister, as I certainly don’t want to draw the kitchen curtains back to reveal a queue of phone waving idiots outside.
    Anyway it seems to have given all the poor young things whose futures have been destroyed by Brexit something else to do.

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  3. This GO nonsense should produce a stunning “Darwin” event soon. Perhaps luring the juveniles into a quarry or nuclear dump. Anyway, it’s funny watching the immature twats playing childrens’ games.

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