Breaking the family

Many have been vociferous about the Communist ideal of destroying the family unit. Stewart in particular has often pointed this out as an openly stated aim of that group.

We have had children as thought police for some years now, reporting on their parents to their teachers. Little squealers telling teacher that their parents smoke, drink, argue sometimes, feed them on Pop Tarts and fizzy drinks, let them stay up late playing games they are too young to play…

At the same time, parents are encouraged to give in to the child’s every whim, not realising they are being set up to take the blame for doing what they were told to do. Disciplining children is seen as evil now. The result is a large number of feral, greasy little urchins destined to a life of belligerence, unpleasantness and adult acne.

Not all kids are like that. Some are still growing up into decent human beings but the proportion of spoiled and uncontrolled brats is still increasing.

In the old days, parents were the ones you looked up to and respected. Well, you were cautious of all adults because any one of them could give you a telling off if you were a brat. Parents though, were sacrosanct. The idea of squealing to teacher because Dad smoked while watching TV and drinking a beer… no, we didn’t even think twice about those things. As for Dad’s political views, nobody ever asked and we didn’t care.

But then we weren’t indoctrinated with antismoking, antidrinking and antiresting propaganda. We didn’t have Green nonsense pushed at us, we had gym class but we were not expected to follow a rigorous exercise regime, and what we ate was between us and our parents. That’s all changed now.

When I was small, any adult would come to a child’s aid if they fell or hurt themselves. Now? Adults are wary, especially men. So much as smile at a child and the parent is thinking ‘Paedo!’ Fortunately I am not the type to smile at children. Never have been. Growl, maybe, but never smile. Nasty, unhygienic messy little noise makers. You don’t have to worry about me molesting your child, but you might find it duct taped to a wall.

Back to the point. If I fell over when I was maybe three or four, an adult I didn’t know would pick me up, dust me off and send me on my way. If a child that age falls now, most adults walk by. It’s not just the parent/child link that is being broken. It’s the entire adult/child relationship. Children are being isolated from the adult world and taught, in that isolation, what their world will be. It’s for the children, you see?

All this in the name of a ‘collective’ society. Children are not the property of the parents, they are the property of everyone. That’s the public image of communism. The real intent is that children – and ultimately, in a generation or two, everyone – is the property of the State. Slavery is freedom. Orwell knew what he was talking about. He was deep into this stuff.

It hasn’t taken long. Now we have most students insisting the UK cannot survive outside the EU and going all out to make sure we stay in. They believe their future depends on it. They live on a little island that once controlled half the globe and they believe we can’t manage on our own? Oh I know we’re supposed to be ashamed of our past empire but that’s just silly. A tiny island that ran most of the planet with just a few administrators? A people so feared, so self-confident, that an old admin officer with a cane could chase away armed bandits? We should be ashamed of that? Really?

I’m not saying we should take over the world again. I doubt we could anyway. The rebel colonists in America still celebrate their independence from us (yeah, just rub it in, why don’t you?) and the criminals in Australia seem intent on turning their country back into the joyless prison it was when their ancestors first arrived. We don’t want that back, thanks.

Anyway, the children of today have been taught that taking over the world is something to be ashamed of. They will welcome the New World Order which will put an end to anyone taking over the world by… taking over the world. Don’t bother trying to explain this to them, they are doublethink experts.

How far has the family-breaking ideal progressed? It’s made a lot of progress even in the last ten or twenty years. Parents don’t trust any other adults and children are being taught to fear them. Adults are afraid to go anywhere near a child they don’t know because that will label them ‘paedo’.

Children are abducted, seemingly at random, in the name of ‘child protection’. Genuinely abused children are often left with their abusers while others are taken into care for being a bit on the fat side. Could be a bit of eugenics involved, a bit of ‘no, we don’t want that one’, but that’s pure speculation on my part.

A couple of generations and you’ll see children separated from their parents at birth and brought up in places where they are routinely abused and their spirits broken to the point where they will accept the State as their God. Humiliation at that level leaves a person open to any kind of comfort, no matter how pitiful. The State will save them, take them under its wing, enslave them and they will be grateful.

And they will gladly give their children to the State that looks after them so well.



19 thoughts on “Breaking the family

  1. Back to the point. If I fell over when I was maybe three or four, an adult I didn’t know would pick me up, dust me off and send me on my way. If a child that age falls now, most adults walk by.

    Or abduct and molest.

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    • As LI says, it has always been with us, but the actual reality is that child abduction is exceedingly rare. Certainly rare enough that there should never, ever be the assumption that a man going to the aid of a child has any ulterior motive. The whole paedophile panic is an artificial construct designed to alienate children from concerned adults and to advance the careers of social workers.

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  2. “The real intent is that children – and ultimately, in a generation or two, everyone – is the property of the State.”

    This might happen sooner rather than later.

    Spitting in Mansfield could result in a £1,000 fine after new orders were passed to clampdown on anti-social behaviour.

    Coming into force from the start of August, the new powers has seen a ban on the sale and use of legals [sic] highs, forces dog walkers to carry poo bags at all times, prevents smoking at council-owned play areas and bans cycling throughout Mansfield town centre. It will also give council wardens the powers to disperse potential nuisance groups from areas.

    But not ‘potential nuisance groups’ like wardens, who will presumably have to roam in packs for their own safety. Round my way, we had dog-poo wardens who disappeared as suddenly as they started their rounds snooping on those not scooping what their dogs were pooping.

    That’s an idea for a rap song – or a cr-… never mind.

    I heard that they had been frightened away by angry people who insisted on leaving their dog poo
    for others to enjoy treading in.

    I also see that fanatics at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital are trying to stop people smoking on adjoining streets.

    People would be asked to “adhere voluntarily” the trust said, adding fixed penalty notices were not being considered.

    I’m sure that people will enjoy having a complete stranger approaching them to ask them not to smoke on the street. How long will you give it before those fixed penalty notices are handed out?

    But yes – destruction of the family has been a priority for some (e.g. Fabians) for a long time. The war to destroy the family has been raging for decades, because you can’t have total state domination until the family, religion and all competing loyalties are crushed. As Orwell puts it (‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’):

    “Progress in our world will be progress towards more pain. The old civilizations claimed that they were founded on love or justice. Ours is founded upon hatred. In our world there will be no emotions except fear, rage, triumph, and self-abasement. Everything else we shall destroy — everything. Already we are breaking down the habits of thought which have survived from before the Revolution. We have cut the links between child and parent, and between man and man, and between man and woman. No one dares trust a wife or a child or a friend any longer. But in the future there will be no wives and no friends. Children will be taken from their mothers at birth, as one takes eggs from a hen. The sex instinct will be eradicated. Procreation will be an annual formality like the renewal of a ration card. We shall abolish the orgasm. Our neurologists are at work upon it now. There will be no loyalty, except loyalty towards the Party. There will be no love, except the love of Big Brother. There will be no laughter, except the laugh of triumph over a defeated enemy. There will be no art, no literature, no science. When we are omnipotent we shall have no more need of science. There will be no distinction between beauty and ugliness. There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of the process of life. All competing pleasures will be destroyed. But always — do not forget this, Winston — always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — for ever.’”

    Notice also that there is little genuine, valid, worthwhile science, art or literature left today (with expectations that your Anthology will buck the trend).

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    • Frank Davis had a post about publishers looking for ethnic minority writers in preference to any others. Whether they are any good or not doesn’t matter as long as they tick the boxes.

      Underdog Books doesn’t care about ethnicity or sexuality. If it’s good, we publish.

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      • I can well believe it. Unfortunately, meritocracy is now a dirty idea, because obviously, certain ‘groups’ would be at an advantage due to their circumstances and so ‘equality’ in its PC sense would not be able to exist and this ‘equality’ is needed as a tool to destroy our culture (divide and rule/dilution of culture, laws and values/dumbing down/standardisation).

        No. Meritocracy obviously equals racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia and arachnophobia.

        Obviously, most people want to read something which is worth reading, regardless of the traits of that writer, just as they want a surgeon who is an expert in his (ahem, or her) field.

        It’s all so tedious, isn’t it? 30 years ago, nobody gave a hoot, apart from a few militants intent on stirring up resentment – many of them, paid shills in fake charities and agents provocateurs at marches.

        It is even more convoluted now, with the ‘restroom’ thing in the U.S. The toilets you go to depends on which gender you “self-identify” with.

        Maybe we should “self-identify” as 67 year-olds and get a pension. Why not? If you can apparently change gender, why not age as well? I did one of those online tests which gave me a much higher ‘body age’ than my actual age (what more proof could they need – it was a BBC thing?). We could be a couple of old women meeting up at the post office to collect our pensions and take a trip with our ‘free’ bus passes.

        If we self-identify as 75 year-olds we’ll get a TV licence thrown in as well.


  3. Tricky. Because the social structure is breaking – partly because of a high level of long-term unemployment – there seems to be an increasing need to buttress it with interventions. I think the fundamental unaddressed issue in this country is industrial and employment policy.

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  4. “The idea of squealing to teacher because Dad smoked while watching TV and drinking a beer… no, we didn’t even think twice about those things. ”

    Google ‘Evidence To Success’. Two versions of the questionnaire, being issued to kids via schools by the Dartington Unit, as part of the named person project. And they do indeed ask questions about whether parents drink, smoke, take drugs – OTC or street – and all sorts of other intrusive things.

    Or give me a shout, you’ve got the email, I can send over PDF copies.

    My kids refused to fill them in, citing the mind your own business clause to teachers who issued them. We are now marked as ‘difficult’ – thank the gods we go the two left in school out and are now home educating them, thus ensuring they get an education rather than an indoctrination, which is what appears was happening.


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