Islamic Reformation

It’s starting. It has to, or Islam is doomed. I have heard boasts of ‘There are two million of us in the UK and you are doomed. Resistance is futile.’

I respond with ‘Well there are about 68 million non-Muslims here too. Have fun trying’.

Now there is a movement within Islam to stop the indiscriminate killing. It is completely indiscriminate. It kills as many, probably more, Muslims as non-Muslims and it’s just getting sillier by the day. Islam is at last organising to stop it. It starts tomorrow (well okay, today).

British Muslims Convene for Jihad on Terror

His Holiness, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the most prominent preacher of peaceful coexistence, is the Caliph of the largest organised Muslim community in the world

Some will call it taquiyya, a lie to pretend they aren’t trying to take over. Maybe. I say give them a chance. Let them try. Reform of Islam can only come from within. Maybe this lot really mean it.

Their aims…

•    What more can British Imams do to combat extremism and Jihadist ideology

Not much if the past is anything to go by. The catholic priests took a long time to (almost) silence the Inquisition and the Protestant priests took a long time to openly turn against the Witchfinders. But it did happen. It took time but it happened. Just needs persistence.

•    Is Islam incompatible with British values?

No, not really. Only when it tries to overturn British values does it become an issue. Leave us alone and we’ll leave you alone. That’s our way. How does it sound to you guys?

•    What is Islam’s true concept of Caliphate and can it co-exist with a western democracy?

I don’t know. That would be an ecumenical matter.

•    Does Jihad need to be redefined for the modern age

It already has been redefined, by the CIA in Afghanistan when they still had control of Bin Laden. Changing it back might be a good start.

•    How valid is the title “Islamic State” as used by ISIS/ Daesh?

Not at all valid. They are killing Muslims who don’t want their strict interpretation and enslaving and raping and forcing marriage on captives. ISIS have killed more Muslims than non-Muslims. In ridiculously horrible ways. It’s not an ‘Islamic state’. It’s not any state. It’s a gorefest and a torture frenzy the darker side of Hollywood is itching to make films about.

•    Why are extremists winning the media war?

Are they? They look like psycho dickheads in the media and that seems pretty accurate to me. They are getting more press because the press loves violence and controversy. Saying ‘Peace’ doesn’t get them headlines. That’s why I’m writing this post. Give some airspace to the peace guys.

•    What’s alienating young British Muslims, and why do some become easy prey for extremist ideology

Wrong question. It’s not young British Muslims mostly. It’s crazed nutters the terror squad have converted to Islam for the sole purpose of getting them to blow themselves up. Sure, there are Muslim kids going off to be killed in Syria but the real crazies were crazy before they signed up. They were targeted, easily suggestible, brought in and blown up. The expendables.

30,000 doesn’t sound much when you consider how many follow Islam but it’s a good start. I know it’s going to get responses of ‘they’re lying, they want to take over’ but that reminds me of the old American saying of ‘The only good Injun is a dead one’. Did they ever apologise for that? Something to keep the lefties occupied or a while.

I have never believed all Muslims want to take over. Most in the UK run businesses and just want to be left alone to get on with that. They want a good family life and nothing more. Just like everyone else.

So let them try. Maybe the Islamic reformation is under way at last. Let it happen.

It’s the right time for it, by their calendar.



27 thoughts on “Islamic Reformation

  1. Well said Leg. I’d very largely agree. There *do* seem to be some fundamental problems with segments of Islam — e.g. the treatment of Muslim women (being forced to wear the burkahs etc) but they may not be as extreme as perceived from the outside — but we could look at some segments of Christendom and say similar things (e.g. I believe Amish women are supposed to be heavily subservient to their men.)

    The Muslims I’ve known on a personal level have generally been just nice, normal people.

    – MJM

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    • We have five Muslims working for us (they can’t cram any more into the battered Mondeo); very much a pack rather than several individuals. Different degrees of piety between them, and all are very polite to the men. The less religious amongst them have *ahem* problems with the girls who work around the place, though.

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  2. Yeah, but they’re amateurs compared to Washington’s and London’s humanitarian warmongers.

    Leave us alone and we’ll leave you alone.

    As if we have! C’mon man you know the history of Sykes-Picot and long before that.

    Either way, tonight I’m going to party like it’s 1420!

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  3. Is Islam incompatible with British values?

    There’s your problem right there: what are modern British ‘values’? How many Brits want to live by the ‘value’ system of today of fake laws, loose morals, dumbed-down ‘education’ and ‘entertainment’, leftist control-freak government, etc.

    Those of us of a certain age know that this country was far better a few decades ago when things were more conservative and government was less obsessed with controlling our lives – oh, and there were only three TV channels and they closed down around midnight.

    Over the past few decades, the British have been conditioned to betray the values upholding life and liberty that their forebears fought for. They have continually voted in the same parties who have been destroying the fabric of society.

    I am ashamed of British ‘values’ so I don’t expect people who come here to be in a hurry to embrace them.

    That’s the sad fact. As for Islam – I believe that it has been set up to be the new enemy that will help ignite WWIII. 33rd degree Freemason, Albert Pike, supposedly (it’s disputed) wrote a letter (1871?) to Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Mazzini, describing who would be involved in the three future world wars and that Islam would be at war with the West in War No. 3.

    When you look at how the West has opened up the floodgates and deliberately destroyed their own cultures and how the US-UK alliance has manipulated the Middle East, it looks pretty obvious it’s a set up.

    I see Germany’s new ‘tough’ stance is to strip terrorists of their dual nationality and to consider banning the burka. That ought to get them quaking in their boots…

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  4. They are Ahmadis Leggy. It is no surprise that they would convene to support reform, they are the followers of a historical reformer who laid down a strictly peaceful and pluralistic interpretation of the scripture. They hate, and kill, no-one.
    This is why they are detested by all the other sects and denominations within islam, and declared to be apostates.

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  5. The problem, for any Muslim popping his head above the parapet and saying ‘Look, chaps, wouldn’t it be a nice change if we were nice to each other?’ is that some fellow Muslim might just decide to drive a couple of hundred miles to kill you.

    And then be feted by his mosque buddies when the judge sends him down.

    I mean, how do you even begin to combat that?

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      • The first one did, on Farcebook recently, didn’t he? Young Muslim Londoner. Called on his fellow Muslims to adopt the mores of the country they lived in, to stop blowing themselves and others up etc etc.

        Apparently, his Farcebook page was closed down…

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          • Ah, I just did a bit of a search on it (it was just a story in noticed in passing, and didn’t note where) and it would seem that Farcebook did a climbdown and reinstated his account.


            “And then my post suddenly just vanished; it was very coincidental — it’s never happened to me before. I found it very strange that they deleted my account with no prior warning. This was a bit shocking to me.”

            TheDCNF contacted Facebook for a statement, and a Facebook representative provided this response: “The page was removed in error and restored as soon as we were able to investigate. Our team processes millions of reports each week, and we sometimes get things wrong. We’re very sorry about this mistake.”


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