French farce

My maternal grandmother was a fearsome woman. My paternal grandmother was less fearsome but had a friend who was fearsome for her. We’ll stick to the maternal one.

She had eternally blue hair under a hairnet that seemed to be part of her head and she never left the house without a headscarf. Her husband, my grandfather, served in the first world war and survived the second while spending his working life in the coal mines. He was scared of her. Yeah. That fearsome.

I don’t think she ever hit us as kids. She didn’t need to. She just needed to look as though she might and we shut up.

But she was a great grandmother. She could tell us off all she wanted but woe betide anyone else who tried. She’d have defended me and my brother against Satan himself. She probably would have won.

The point is the headscarf. It was a permanent fixture outside the house. She wasn’t Muslim, I doubt she’d heard of Islam at all and wouldn’t have cared about it anyway. She was protestant and talked about catholics as ‘chapel people’ as though they were a different species with tails and stripes. Really though, she didn’t much care about God or religion. It was just a fun thing to play with and a good way to have a chat on a Sunday.

France put a ban on Islamic women’s dress. Which is a bit silly for a country that prides itself on its dress designers. Why not design a better one? A few sequins, a bit of glitz, shine that thing up a bit and it’ll be on the catwalk covering a flesh skeleton in no time.

Now, I can understand the ban on the veil. A few wanted Islamic terrorists have got out of countries dressed as veiled women and used passports that have a photo with a veil too. That’s not on.

But come on, armed police telling a woman to take her headscarf off? Her face wasn’t covered. It’s not like she was hiding from anyone. And why are there armed police at the beach? That doesn’t make me feel comfortable if I’m barely dressed facing someone in armour with a gun.

How does a woman in a headscarf cause offence? In Wales in the 60s and 70s, those people would have been offended at every old lady they saw and not one of them was a Muslim. They had blue hair long before Punk Rock too. Oh they were ahead of their time.

I mean really. Okay, it’s Cannes and they have the film festival but surely that means they must be used to people dressing up weird. Some woman wanting to be covered up on the beach isn’t a big thing. She didn’t cover her face, she wasn’t some hairy suicide bomber waiting for the surfer score that gets him his 72 virgins. Just a woman in a headscarf.

My mother has pictures of my grandad on the beach. He went so far as to take off his shoes and socks and roll his sleeves halfway up. The flat cap was never negotiable. If he was alive and in Cannes now, would he be facing pepper spray?

By the way, Islamic madmen, you know why the 72 are still virgins when they get to Heaven? It’s because they are all fat trolls from Norwich who live in their mum’s basements and spent their entire lives playing Call of Duty while growing into land jellyfish. Oh and they are all male. You’re blowing yourself up to spend eternity up a pale fat guy’s arse. They didn’t tell you?

France, grow the hell up. Hiding faces is one thing but covering hair while leaving the face uncovered is no big deal. Are you going to ban hats and umbrellas next?

It’s really getting to the silly stage now.

But then, we got there a few years back…


24 thoughts on “French farce

  1. I take your point; and offer the following counterpoint …..


    While on patrol, the duties of the mutaween include, but are not restricted to:

    “checking that women wear the abaya, a traditional all-enveloping black cloak.

    making sure that men and women who are spotted together in public are related.

    ensuring women do not smoke in public.

    The punishment for such offenses is severe, often involving beatings and humiliation, and foreigners are not excluded from arrest. The mutaween encourage people to inform on others they know who are suspected of acting unvirtuously, and to punish such activities.”

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    • I agree the Mutaween are thought-police ridiculous, but that doesn’t mean the West has to be equally ridiculous in the other direction.

      We could just laugh at them and go back to doing what we used to do. Anything we damn well pleased.

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  2. It is thought the woman was given a warning about the dress code on the beach and was handed an on-the-spot fine. (Daily Wail)

    Changed days. You get a fine for dressing modestly (for want of a better word). How ungrateful can you get, not wanting to express your wimmin’s rights by dressing like a hussy?

    Meanwhile, down the road, there is a ‘gay/nudist’ beach, “We have a great experience. The naked people, most of them hot guys, are friendly.”

    Double standards or what? No standards?

    (This is not a personal recommendation of that beach, BTW, and I have never been on that website before tonight.)

    Anyway, I assume that Foreign Legion hats are also banned on any area of sand? That’s got to be uncomfortable for the French army in the Sahara. I suppose they’re marching in nothing more than thongs to keep up with the times. Maybe, one day (soon), the Sahara will be turned into one great big gay beach. I reckon they’ll need one that large the way things are going.

    Yuch. No, the police are pretending to get tough on terrorists and to be seen to be doing something – anything – so they humiliated these women. Of course, the rest of us are supposed to love the ‘Religion of Peace’ – e.g. leave a pork chop outside a mosque and your photofit will likely end up on Crimewatch.

    That’s on the surface. Behind the scenes, I believe that this ‘ban the burka’ obsession is to make Muslims resent the people they live among even more. Clearly, the Muslims are being brought in and manipulated to cause havoc in order to further destabilise the West for a complete globalist takeover.

    Add to that the fact that police officers in the West seem to be increasingly incapable of using their brain cell and we get the Keystone Cops trying to defeat tens of thousands of ‘radicailsed’ young males (who have themselves fled from terror, we are told).

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  3. Oh and they are all male. You’re blowing yourself up to spend eternity up a pale fat guy’s arse. They didn’t tell you?

    That’s probably the attraction.

    Despite their throwing openly gay people off rooftops, shirtlifting is endemic in societies that have no access to women until after (usually arranged) marriage.

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  4. I think it’s a man thing – the police can’t distinguish between Islamic beachwear and women just wanting to cover-up because the health police have said that exposure causes skin cancer or they’re self-conscious about their weight.

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  5. French Police are armed so if a French Policeman speaks to you, you will be speaking to an armed Policeman. Its not as if the ‘Armed Response Unit’ was called in.

    And havent some areas of France made rules about beachwear, and if those rules are being broken, the Police will take action.

    France has been hit by several atrocities and are far more likely to make rules without giving a shit to peoples sensitivities. I wonder if they have rules about second hand smoke? I doubt it, thats just as and our stupid ways.

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    • It’s true France has had a lot of crap from Islam lately. I was once visited by an Irish Garda who took great pains to tell me I shouldn’t tell anyone what he did and who was a bit scared of my other Irish friend at the time. That friend was stopped at the airport because he had an Irish accent and Maggie ‘Iron Knickers’ Thatcher was in the airport. Nobody is immune to paranoia.

      Trouble is, it’s exactly what the terrorists want. I don’t think we should give in to it.

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      • I assume that Simon supports banning the burkini. Let’s explore…

        What has Simon been doing, I wonder, for the past two decades to stem the flow of mass immigration of Muslims? What has Simon been doing to strengthen or even try to preserve our Christian identity?

        Maybe I do him an injustice; maybe he has been working flat-out on defending his country from the terrorist-sympathisers and traitors in the UK government and their EU overlords.

        Anyway, no matter how ridiculous burkinis might seem to us, there is a thing called freedom. This cartoon shows that the French are as bad as the Islamic authorities; the former bans you for covering up, while the latter for not covering up enough.

        What’s the difference?

        This nonsense of curtailing liberties to protect our freedom (oxymoron) has been going on since at least 9/11.

        And what of our multicultural paradise? Muslims haven’t needed to wait until they get to heaven before getting dozens of virgins due to the cowardly PC plods in parts of the UK turning a blind eye to Muslim grooming gangs.

        The ‘authorities’ are very confused between right and wrong; sanity and insanity.

        If any of us was to intimidate a Muslim woman, we would probably have about thirty of her brothers, cousins, etc., on our doorstep (some) intent on disembowelling us.

        Banning the burkini is not only fairly pointless from an anti-terrorist perspective, but it will inflame Muslims and civil war is a more likely result.

        And I suggest that this is the point. There are probably enough Muslims in the West now to hold the rest of us to ransom and it is probably only a matter of time before they do.


        • Oooh, you really shouldnt assume. You dont know me, or nuffink. I was simply pointing out why I thought what happened, happened.

          Your penultimate paragraph is exactly my view, so how awful for you that we are like minded.



          • One simply has to assume certain aspects of someone’s persona when presented with but a few sentences.

            Sometimes one gets it wrong, although I suspect that you have done little to preserve what our country once was, but it took me a long time to see through the lies. I was still voting for Labour until about 2001, which is, of course, bordering on the cretinous.


            • One simply shouldnt assume.

              I have never voted Labour, so less of a cretin that you. 🙂

              I was in the Army and fought for my country, but maybe that opens me up to criticism and/or doesnt answer your point, I dont know.


              • “One simply shouldnt assume.”


                “I have never voted Labour, so less of a cretin that you.”

                But you have probably voted Tory, DimLump, Green, SNP…

                The Army has been at the mercy of corrupt governments for a long time. I don’t like to criticise the armed forces, but certain MPs and civil servants deserve to be tried for their crimes against this and other countries.


                  • Mr Cowan to you. Anyway, I said that I agreed that one simply shouldn’t assume, but I didn’t say that I would refrain from assuming; indeed it is almost impossible not to make assumptions and still be able to converse or construct an argument at all.

                    For example, I assume that you are the Simon Walland of the law firm you link to and on that basis I can advise you that you ought to be more respectful when referring to people by name. If I came to you about a case would you call me “Stew” or “Stew baby”?

                    I also assume that you are intelligent enough to be able to read this reply. Are you arguing that I shouldn’t make such an assumption? 😉


                    • Oh Stew, and I thought we were on first name terms.

                      Assuming I can read your response when you know that I can, and it has been shown that I can by this very conversation isnt really an assumption is it? Its what we call in the trade, evidence.



  6. XX And why are there armed police at the beach? XX ?????

    ALL French Police, and in fact all police in Europe are armed. They don’t take them off because they want to walk down the fucking beach!


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