Still working on it

No, I have not spent just over a week drunk. I fled the country briefly but came back before Boss sent her mercenaries out to find me. In fact I have been uncharacteristically sober for a while.

On my return, it seems Boss has quit smoking and switched to vaping. She smoked menthol cigarettes and the Electrofag menthol flavour is one of the good ones, so it could stick. She has a thing that looks like it should be in a tool box on an oil rig somewhere. Electrofag seems to be developing into some kind of sonic smokedriver. I expect Dr. Who will have one soon.

I came back with a good supply of tobacco including a few packs for Boss, but she won’t need them now so my baccy supply is pretty damn healthy at the moment.

I also came back with a little box of sweets to pass around at work. So far I have only met two workmates who swallowed. The rest either spit or refused to take it in their mouths. Can’t think why…


Salted liquorice. Very nice too. CynaraeStMary sent me home with them. Oh she knew exactly what I would do with themย  ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have another box for my son to take to work.

Lines used so far…

Go on, I want to see if you spit or swallow.

It’s finest Danish Spunk. The saltiest in the world.

Hold still while I shake one out into your hand.

How long can you hold it in your mouth before swallowing?

You won’t even take it in your mouth? Go on, just for a moment.

Maybe it’s in the name, but most seem reluctant to try it. Oh well, Nads and Cafe Girl weren’t at work this weekend and I’m off for a few days. I hope nobody warns them.

Boss is looking to take on someone new. The trouble is she’s only offering 8 hours work a week at the moment. I know someone who might be interested and who might be more interested when they hear I plan to be out of there by the end of October. I don’t want another Christmas in that place, everyone else gets so stressed and I’m sick of being the comic relief that keeps them sane. I want to do Halloween though. I really want that to be my last night at work.

There is a house move on the cards. If I go out of town I can get a house with a garden for less rent than the flat. I have to check that the increased council tax won’t wipe out the difference and that I won’t get terminally snowed in for months at a time, but I’d like a garden. I’m getting sick of stairs.

Anyway, the main point (at long last) is that the summer holiday madness is over. I am back to having a few days off every week and back to cranking up Underdog Books into a going concern. I have been putting the stories into book format (it’s going to be a thick book!) and Roobee has been helping out with editing a novel.

This week I start sending out the edited versions in final format so you guys get to see what it looks like. If you’re happy, we sign a contract and I pay you and then it’s all systems go.

I had hoped to do a Halloween book but the work stuff pushed this one back so far it’s too late to try for that now.ย  The Christmas book is a definite though.

And the novels or short story collections or poems (that book is still building)…send them to the email in the contact page at the top of the screen.

A few days off. At last.

Here we go.




8 thoughts on “Still working on it

  1. Can’t wait for The Underdog Anthology, Legs…

    *Patience, Clicky!*

    The novel I’ve been editing is by one of the contributors to the Anthology, Hugo Stone. It’s called ‘Cultish’ and is has oodles of sex and humour, and is likely kill any member of the Righteous reading it, stone dead. So the ideal Secret Santa gift, then ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

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