What happened to smoking as the cause of all ills?

I’ll get the digression out of the way first. I’m hoping to move soon, to a place that is a lot bigger than here and cheaper to rent. This one is expensive because it’s very handy for commuting to Aberdeen (I never do that) and the new place is out in the wilds (my natural home).

So, like this time last year, I might be offline for a few days in October while the broadband moves. Or maybe it’ll be fast. That depends on the broadband provider. I can Bluetooth to the phone for a few days if I have to.

I have enjoyed this place. Watching the trains go by is very relaxing and living in an old railway hotel is great, but it’s up a lot of stairs and owned by fervent antismokers and the new place has a proper fireplace so no smoke buildup can happen. I could designate the greenhouse as my smoking room. It’s attached to the back door, and might one day be added to in a circular manner…

It’s also, as I said, bigger and cheaper. Pretty random construction with a most impressive garden and the creepiest driveway you have ever seen. It’s perfect.

So, I just left one period of chaos behind only to enter another. I really shouldn’t be surprised by now, should I?  All this talk of ‘Publishing? Easy, I’ll do that in a month’ was wishful thinking. I now understand why publishers never respond to anything in less than three months. It’s much more complex than I expected. Getting other people’s work ready to publish is a lot harder than just sorting my own and I have to accept I really can’t do it alone. Roobeedoo, you’re hired as an editor. We have to work out a pay system  🙂

These days, landlords are very much against smoking. It’s the money thing that pressures them into it. House insurance is cheaper if you declare the house nonsmoking. That goes for contents insurance too, so if I have the greenhouse as my smoke room and don’t smoke in the house it’ll save me money – and I still get to smoke in comfort. And no goddamn stairs.

Interestingly, the new place has a wood burning stove but insurance is okay with that. You can burn chunks of wood indoors but set fire to half a gram of leaves and you’re in big trouble. There is another fireplace in another room but it hasn’t been used for years. It’ll need a sweep. Might as well get both done, I’d be a long way from the fire station.

The new place has a flagstone floor in the older part. I’ve always wanted a flagstone floor. The stones don’t have names carved into them yet, which is a bonus. They are original, not recycled.

It was a long digression but that happens a lot here. What was the point of this post? Oh, I remember. It was to do with smoking, a recurring theme here. I’m still smoking Vikings, the Danish ones I get in Danish corner shops at half the price of the cheapest ones here. Without doors too. I also have Opal tubing baccy from my last visit so I won’t be paying for any UK ones for a while.

As a smoker, I’m feeling neglected. All the things we used to cause have moved on. We were the Grim Reapers who brought death and decay everywhere we went. Every disease, every illness was our doing. I was having fun with that. Vapers stole our thunder a little but the Righteous have moved into food now, in a big way.

Things we smokers used to cause are now blamed on food.

I feel let down. Where is my scare the drones fun now? Do I have to eat pizza or a burger next to them? It’s hard to talk at the same time.

It’s not fair, Righteous. You build me up into some Loki-like godling and then you abandon me for a new scare, one that is even less real than the last one.

I did enjoy being Death.

But I guess my time is over.

It’s fat boy time.

12 thoughts on “What happened to smoking as the cause of all ills?

  1. Aah, but I didn’t see any mention of the “C” word in there. That’s still largely “ours” – for the moment. There’s such a battle going on at the moment between the anti-alcohol and Diet Control keenies! It’s actually quite interesting to sit and watch it from the sidelines, being neither a regular drinker nor a big-time foodie. My bet is that the anti-booze brigade will make a bid for the Big C (except Lung Cancer – Tobacco Control won’t let them have that sacred cow, but they might let them steal a few of the others) and that the anti-food lot will in turn claim heart and circulatory diseases for themselves, so as not to be outdone. Because, let’s be honest, those two are the real trump cards and the ones best guaranteed to whip all the drones into the kind of frenzied, self-righteous nodding and angry cyber commenting that enables campaigners to claim that “the public demands that Something Must Be Done.” No health campaigners worth their salt (excuse the pun) wants to be left with only little, non-fatal problems to do battle with, do they?

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    • I think the anti-booze lot have already tried to claim every cancer except lung cancer. Doctors still think it’s all caused by smoking for the moment, but the next generation will very probably include booze and non-approved foods.

      Basically, it’s being alive that makes you die.

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  2. Wait! You can burn wood in a fireplace (or two) but you can’t burn a cigarette? Surely, you don’t have to obey thar rule. How the hell would the landlord know anyway?

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  3. If you drop a cigarette (butt) into a wood-burning stove, the wood smoke becomes killer tobacco smoke or SHS. I used to do this when I lived in Devon, and convert garden bonfire smoke into SHS

    So maybe if you add wood shavings to cigarette tobacco, it becomes harmless wood smoke.

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  4. Lull before the storm I’m sorry to say. Adverts for Stop October commence on 1 September. So we can look forward to “tv personalities” telling us to “just quit” for a substantial fee. After all it is career limiting to be associated with Tobacco Control. Follows on from Cancer Research UK’s thing about stopping drinking for September and give your money to them. Of course MacMillan don’t much give a damn, they run coffee mornings all the time.

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  5. It’s odd isn’t it, how our lovely leaders just focus on one thing, while ignoring everything else. Is it a form of blindness? Indoctrination? Oh, I get it, they are expecting us to be blind and indoctrinated, to their faults mostly, coupled with their lies…whilst milking the public purse. Yes.

    Take cremation for example. Has anybody done any research as to what poisons are emitted into the atmosphere, as our dearly departed takes to the skies, in smoke form? You’d think there’d be a law against it by now.



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