The British Democratic Republic

There have been demonstrations involving Ed the Lizard and at least five other people demanding that we stay in the EU because of democracy. This is an incredible use of doublethink, considering we just had some democracy in the shape of a vote and the public decided something these democracy-wanters didn’t like.

So basically, democracy to them is not what the public want. It’s what they want the public to want. Kim Jong Diddly would be so proud.


Now, I like Eddie as a comedian. He’s actually very funny. As a political activist, he is just a dick with no holster. He’s rich, like all left wing comedians, and imagines that this ‘redistribution of wealth’ thing is not going to apply to him.

Remember the academics who supported Stalin and Trotsky in the rise of Soviet Russia? Of course you don’t. They are dead and erased from history. Stalin even erased Trotsky.

The same will happen again. The rich man who supports the communists always gets shat on and the communists get rich and the people get screwed either way. Bowie even wrote a song about it.

No, his song is not about religion. It is about humanity. The rich attract parasites like a hotel is Heaven for bedbugs. The suckers fall for it all the time.

There is much concern that the mega-rich will take over. They call themselves the Illuminati. They might as well call themselves Diamond Dogs. They consider themselves intelligent but the cunning will take them down. They have money, but 90% of money does not exist. Fractional reserve banking has brought us to this point.

Oh they know it and they are running scared. They have to convert fake money into real stuff and fast, because the drones are waking. Slowly, but they are. The last referendum on the EU and the unrest in other countries proves it.

So Eddie, do you want democracy or do you want dictatorship? You are campaigning for the latter and then we won’t have your comedy any more. You’ll be declared a deviant, pronounced as gross diversion as the label for the dog.

They’ll kill you, Eddie. The people you support will kill you even before they kill me, and they won’t be long about killing either of us.

The silver lining is, I’m a little bit harder to find than you are, Ed  🙂

So you’re dead first.

I get the last laugh   🙂


12 thoughts on “The British Democratic Republic

  1. I saw Eddie Izzard once. Not in concert – it was on Great Portland Street. He was probably on his way to the BBC as I passed him on my way back to work, lunch break over. He was wearing a silky, cream coloured blouse…

    *Yes, it was a smashing, Clicky*

    He can be very funny…

    *God awful at accessorizing though. Not a proper diva…*

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      • To use some understatement, it would appear not. The broad-brush, juvenile dogma of the leftist drowns everything else out. And it seems to be a lifelong condition.

        And these mental deficients presume to lecture the rest of us! (That’ll be the solipsism and egomania).

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        • The rich ones aren’t so stupid. They pretend to be socialists but you don’t see them handing out money to the poor, do you? “Redistribution of wealth” does not include theirs.

          No, they demand higher taxes (which they dodge) and pretend to be ‘working class’ in their Ferraris and Porsches…

          The dim ones are the ones who support them.

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  2. You’ll be declared a deviant…

    Wrong tense, methinks, Leggy.

    The BBC’s website had a picture from one of the pro-EU marches and the entire crowd within camera-shot was white with a large number being what one might respectfully call “oldies” (as I’ll be one myself in the not too distant).

    I thought that these dementia-ridden old folk voted to leave the EU and thus, we are led to believe, spoiled absolutely everything for the youth?

    That’s why the ordinary people who voted ‘Brexit’ in the likes of Sunderland and Merthyr Tydfil should be ignored, Leggy; don’t you understand? Their votes should only count when they vote Labour in a bid to oust the bourgeoisie.

    When it comes to the EU, they are too simple-minded to understand the issues, because they didn’t go to a big building that pretends to be a university. We can’t allow old Mrs Evans at number 27 to have a say, because she has a natural inclination to distrust Johnny Foreigner and resist change, such as the legislation which keeps us safe from the opinions of people like her – the xenophobia, racism (I bet she bought her children golliwogs in the 50s) and transphobia.

    She’s probably never even heard of the ‘gender spectrum’. She probably thinks that a bloke running around in make-up, nail varnish and wearing a pink beret is some kind of freak, rather than an ambassador for her best interests, i.e. to freeze to death in winter because the money she could have had as a half-decent pension to pay the greedy energy companies goes instead to Brussels and diversity officers and Marxist governments abroad.

    Izzard, Geldof, Blair… how could they all be wrong? As well-balanced, mentally, as the fella with the funny hair-do in your picture.


    • “Vote Labour in a bid to oust the bourgeoisie.” Which is kind of ironic. People like Izzard personify the bourgeoisie. The “Do as we, your moral and intellectual superiors, say, or we’ll scweam and scweam and scweam until we’re sick!” Mob who wouldn’t understand a shop floor if they had to sweep one for the rest of their lives.


      • Exactly. And the gap between rich and poor increased under the last Labour junta, but that’s champagne socialism for you. Lefties and facts don’t go together well. Imagine Blair working for a living and earning £300 a week. Or any MP of the recent past or the present, come to think of it. Their £300 wouldn’t keep them in male ‘escorts’.


  3. It’s ironic that the 17.5m Brexit voters are branded uniformed, ignorant and racist (en bloc) by the Lefties when several million of these are also certainly otherwise Labour voters (I read recently that 7 million Brexiteer voters are Conservatives (take note May), which means that over half aren’t).

    But it is somewhat heartening that, despite Project Fear, a biased MSM and years of deliberate attempts to dumb down the plebs, it turns out that 17.5 million are not as stupid/gullible as the elite believed they’d trained them to be. Unlike things such as smoking bans, which are enforced by law, giving the people a real ‘choice’ has proven to be a major error of judgement. Attempts to force the genie back into the bottle will undoubtedly fail – each pro Brexit supporter now has absolute proof that he/she is not part of some lunatic fringe. As such, failure to deliver on Brexit will result in the re-emergence of Nigel Farage and widespread support for UKIP. Yes, folk will still be branded as Nazis and swivel-eyed loonies, but they won’t give a shit because they know they’re not. They just want reinstatement of full UK sovereignty and the ability to to control its borders. Just like every country in the world that isn’t a member of the EU. How the fuck can that be a far right agenda?


  4. For a moment there Leggy, I thought you meant Ed Milliband, but then it clicked that you meant Eddie Izzard!! He was once a great comedian and used to be one of my favourites, but he’s not looking all that well these days. Perhaps having some sort of breakdown? In which case, I feel sorry for him, though it’s difficult to feel sorry for the loonie lefties. Part of their problem is that they’re so addicted to saving the world with their social utopian ideals, that they can’t accept the real world, with all its flaws. Poor things!! You could almost feel sorry for them….



  5. O/T

    Just in case you missed out on their initial batch of adverts, just thought you’d like to know that Macmillan Cancer Support have jumped on the booze bandwagon. They want people to quit drinking for October – and give what they’ll save to Macmillan!

    And they’re even running a tally of them what’s pledged the dosh!!!

    Of course this follows on from the Cancer Research UK’s Dyathlon. What’s also very interesting is CRUK have appointed Karmarama to their roster. And here you’ll see which outfits are responsible for all the sanctimonious crap we see on television about cancer and why not donate, donate and donate – oh and also name the a…holes in your will whydontcha.

    So Leg’s, should you be of a mind to become dead philanthropic, then you’ll be terribly sober for 61 days a year and give all the money you may have spent on booze to two black hole fake charities. (That actually do four fifths of f… all about cancer, but do lay some very heavy cash into the wallets of a hand full of executives at the top of both organisations).


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