Anthology in progress

I have been painting my nails. Not the ones on my hands, some others I happen to have lying around and we won’t go into why I have them or how.


Dume has a habit of hoarding.  Might as well make use of them.

Nor will we discuss why I seem to have the appropriate nail polish and other paraphernalia required to do all this. It would be easier if I had something to stick the nails onto while working on them. I have some fingers in the lab, I think.

This is to be part of the book cover, which will be a photograph of a hand. I think it should be holding a lamb’s heart because I can then have that for my tea after the photoshoot. A kitten’s heart would be cuter but it’s too small and you can’t get them in Tesco. In fact, even asking them what kind of hearts they stock gets a sniffy response.

I’ll make a few photos with different nails on the hand and then put it to a vote.

Meanwhile, the stories are being edited (Roobeedoo is helping) and despite missing the last deadline quite comprehensively, I have set a new deadline of the end of the month. It has to be out in October, in time for Halloween.

I am battling the formatting system in Word, which was designed to drive Ghandi into a state where he climbs a clock tower with a rifle. Once you have the formatting in, changing it is possible but it can randomly decide it doesn’t like your titles and turn them into normal text, spontaneously put a line back to the indentation it had before, suddenly decide to apply full justification so a line with five words spans the entire page… and completely lose something you pasted in five minutes ago.

Oh please give me back WordPerfect and an MS-DOS machine. Or even LocoScript on a PCW. I used to have one, it was great.

Well, you’ll be getting your stories back in the format they’ll appear in the print book soon. Format is largely irrelevant for the eBook because the eBook reader can change it anyway. The print version is the one that has to be right.

As long as you’re happy with the final version, we can then sign contracts and get the money sent out. PayPal is easiest and fastest but I can send a cheque if you’re old school.

I am currently avoiding looking at novels, Christmas stories, poetry or any other projects. I’m far too easily distracted and have to force myself to work on just one thing at a time.

Tomorrow I have to visit the dentist in the morning. Dentist and mornings, my two least favourite things and I’m getting both at once. Tomorrow will start very badly and can’t really get any worse.

Still, it gets me up early and as long as I don’t have a face that looks like I picked a fight with a biker gang afterwards, I can swear some more at Word’s formatting system when I get back.

I’d like to send all the sections out at once but I think I’ll have to start putting them out bit by bit. It’s getting late…


20 thoughts on “Anthology in progress

  1. You can turn off the annoying auto stuff. Which version of Word are you using?

    It sounds like you’re changing the format of a title (a “style”), which Word then automatically applies to all other text using that style.

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    • I think I’ll abandon styles. It doesn’t help that I have a desktop running a different OS to the laptop so I have different versions of Word. In the end it’ll be easier to manually format the titles.

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  2. Problems with Word? Try Textease. Not sure if it is still extant, now, but it was fantastic – would do EXACTLY what YOU wanted it to do; as good as a blank sheet of paper (but easier to rub out your mistakes). I still use it on my Windows XL computer, but don’t know if they have upgraded it to Windows Whatever-number-it-is-now.

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  3. Try displaying your control characters (click on the little publisher’s “paragraph” symbol) if Word is doing something and you don’t understand why. It’ll display all the “hidden” items like spaces between words, returns and tabs etc, which often indicate why something seemingly inexplicable is happening.

    Also, those little arrow-things which sit at either end on the ruler at the top will tell you where your margins (and indents) are. If they aren’t where you want them to be, triple click on a paragraph to highlight the whole thing, and then drag the arrow-things right or left to where you want them until the paragraph looks like you want it to. It’s a bit of a fiddle, but it does work. (Dragging the little square which sits just underneath the two left-hand arrow-thingies moves the left margin for the whole paragraph; dragging just the top arrow changes just the first line of the paragraph; dragging just the bottom one changes all the lines except the first line).

    And if your paragraphs are justified and you’ve got a last line which, as you say, contains four words which stretch right across the width of the page, stick a return after the final full stop and that last line will magically “unjustify” itself.

    Use “print layout” view if you’re not using that already – it’s easier to see how the printed page will look. And don’t forget to save regularly, particularly after you’ve just done a lot of editing and farting around with the layout of a story. Power cuts don’t give any warning!

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  4. >>>>I am battling the formatting system in Word, which was designed to drive Ghandi into a state where he climbs a clock tower with a rifle.

    I can imagine where this goes from here. Fix the cable, and all will be well.

    Roses are varied colors…
    Violets are rare…
    Other stuff is different colors…
    I like being there.

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