The Underdog Anthology – it’s happening

I heard from Smashwords tonight that the format for eBook covers has changed so I had to revamp and resubmit all of them. Bit of a bugger but it’s done now. I know what’s expected of the anthology at least.

When I started out on this idea I said I needed 100 pages to make it worth doing. You guys have exceeded my expectations. I have now put all the stories in book format and sent them out for final approval and the book will exceed 200 pages. Pete – yours is still to do, I’ll try to fit one of your shorts to each section. The book of shorts and illustrations is still a go.

I’ll do the print version first. It’s easier than the eBook which has to be in as many formats as the Tower of Babel had languages. So I have to strip out all the Word coding and it’s not hard, it just takes time.

The cover is under way. Getting hold of a lamb’s heart is proving harder than expected but there are certain butchers yet to try.

It has to be out for Halloween, and now it’s all in book size it’s looking good for that. It should sell below Β£4 because this isn’t a profit maker. It’s an advert for Underdog Books. Next time it could make money but this is the first one. It’s PR.

The eBook will of course be dirt cheap because there are no underlying print costs.

So now all the bits are out and awaiting approval, and once that’s done it’s contract and payment time.

Then… infamy, most likely.


10 thoughts on “The Underdog Anthology – it’s happening

  1. Stripping hint: Just save it all as a text file? Or a “rich text” file?

    Sometimes you can also do a “mass substitution” of one symbol for another.

    I believe Kindle has some sort of automated system which works at least fairly well.


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  3. Have you seen the free ebook library software ‘calibre’? I’ve not used it for the same purposes as you might, but I have used it for years to load ebooks on various ereaders. It’s been very reliable for me.

    It does translation between formats including pdf, epub, mobi and word ‘docx’

    It has an editor mode


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