I should have known…

Having formatted all the stories to A5 (a UK paper size), I now discover that book size would only be available to US customers. For global availability I have to use US Trade (6 x 9 inches) which is not restricted to the US. No, I don’t understand it either.

It’s not a problem really, I just Ctrl-A, copy and paste and it’s done. It’s just a pain in the arse.

In the new format it’s 187 pages so far, eight authors and a total of 22 stories. I have some 100-word stories from a ninth author to fit in between these and I’m confident of hitting the 200 page mark.

I have approval of the sections from all but one author now, so I can start on the author contracts and formatting. I had hoped to have the contracts out last week but events didn’t let it happen. No matter, I have a few days away this week and can’t be spontaneously called in to cover a shift.

The formatting will take time but that’s my problem. Once the contracts are signed and the sections approved, you guys get paid and the rest is up to me. You can relax and work on the Christmas stories for the next one.

The next one will be easier. I’ll have fewer distractions soon.


8 thoughts on “I should have known…

    • The M6 is a horror story all on its own. Left south Wales 11:30 am, arrived home 3:30 am. Took 8 hours to get to the Blackpool junction. At one point it was an hour to travel 10 miles!

      Then there was a tour of the Scottish countryside in total darkness, courtesy of multiple diversions.

      If you want to drop characters into a creepy village, a diversion from the motorway is a credible way to do it…


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