Why can’t they see it?

In discussion with a local shopkeeper, it came to light that there will be legislation soon demanding that every cigarette pack contains at least 20.

No more 10-packs. No cleverly cutting the price per box by selling 19 or 18 instead of 20. Every pack will contain at least 20.

The reason? The shopkeeper actually believes that it’s to stop children smoking because they won’t be able to afford a pack of 20. Really.

Doesn’t he think kids will pool their cash and buy a pack between them? You know, the way they do now?

Doesn’t he think older kids will buy a pack and sell them individually to other kids at a profit? You, know, the way they do now?

This legal dictatorship will achieve only one thing. The imposition of 20 cigarettes’ worth of duty on every smoker every time they buy a pack. No chance for the 10-a-day smoker to keep his habit low. He’ll have to buy 20 at a time. His daily intake will creep up because he’s no longer counting down from 10 throughout the day.

Government has set another precedent here. Not only can they dictate prices and packaging, they can now dictate what’s in the packaging.

If you think that stops with smoking, you haven’t been paying attention.


8 thoughts on “Why can’t they see it?

  1. They can see it but do not have the backbone to call bullshit. The tobacco control industry turn up with reams of junk science and studies, the tame stream media publish the press releases without critical though, politicians are faced with strong lobbying, a pile of “evidence” and national papers all beating the same drum. So the choice for the politicians is political expediency or political suicide or political anonymity.

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  2. Gallaghers Ballymena closes with the loss of almost 1000 jobs, a small market town’s economy is ruined, thanks to 10-packs being somehow worse, in the minds of interfering do-gooders, than packs of 20.
    From the Ulster newsletter –
    “Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster said JTI had warned that the directive, which will introduce minimum pack sizes of 20, posed a serious risk to its Ballymena factory as it had already invested heavily in installing specialised equipment there to produce the existing smaller packs of 10; these were traditionally the most popular size with UK consumers.
    Deborah Arnott from the ‘Action on Smoking’ organisation dismissed as “propaganda” claims that the Ballymena factory was closing due to new EU legislation.
    “We mustn’t be taken in by company propaganda,” she said. “This [closure] is part of an ongoing trend not just in tobacco manufacturing but in others as well where we have seen companies basically exporting jobs, and Ballymena is one of very few tobacco manfacturing plants still in the UK.”


    • “Is it not 20 and that’s that?”

      Nope. In much the same way they reduce the size of chocolate bars to keep the price the same, they sell packets of fags with 19, 18 or 17 in them in order to not have to increase the cost.


  3. What a twat. The shopkeeper fears kids will smoke so sells fags. He or she shouldn’t be such a hypocrite. They are happy to take the cash and keep on selling instead of not selling the product in line with their prejudices and misguided belief in “saving children.” I’d stop shopping there if I was you. Do not support smokerphobia and certainly don’t fund it. Find a new shop where the owner is a little more supportive to customers.


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