Anthology costings

Nearly there. The book will weigh in at about 200 pages and there will be two print versions. There will be a basic version, good enough for reading purposes, and a posh version with a higher quality paper. The posh version will be high enough quality to go on sale in bookstores. That might never happen but it’ll be available just in case.

Current estimates are that the basic version will retail around £4.50 or so, the posh one at £5.50 – £6.00. There will of course be postage on top but if I buy a batch for distribution, it’ll mean one postage charge. Then of course I have to pay postage to send to you.

So, if you want payment in books rather than cash, I think it would be four basic books per story or three of the posh ones per story. That should come out reasonably fair, I think.

Everyone gets a copy anyway, that goes without saying. If you prefer to keep your address private in case I turn up one day and drink all your whisky, I can send you a PDF copy instead.

Back to work… I really want this one available for Halloween, and then get started on the Christmas one.



6 thoughts on “Anthology costings

  1. It’s all so exciting!! Can’t wait to get hold of a copy! You are publishing it in Ebook format too, aren’t you, as I prefer to download it and read it on my kindle….?


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    • The print version is easiest so I’m doing that first. The ebook has to have all the Word coding ripped out of it and put into multiple formats – not too hard but takes time.

      The real bugger is the new VAT rules on eBooks that means they’re a different price in each country. You have to be careful never to price them lower than Amazon, or Amazon take you off the lists.

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