In Transit

No, I haven’t bought a van. Although it’s on the list of possibilities because I’m killing my little car with this house move. It’s overdue to retire, and go and live with a little old lady who only uses it for shopping.

I’ll be offline from the 27th October until at least the 3rd November. The move puts me on a different telephone exchange so there are different engineers involved – or something. I just know the dates.

Working hard on the book as well as moving means I will be even worse at answering emails than usual and for that week at least, won’t even see them. Don’t think I’m ignoring you, I’m just offline for a while.

However… I’ll be back   😉


25 thoughts on “In Transit

  1. Kev, sorry for the ‘spam’ but I have been asked by Anne Raccoon to let everyone know that she is not a well gal atm and will be off games for a while. Her blog will be closed/comments turned off (amazingly Mr . G managed that!) for a while. As several of your readers also read her blog, i thought posting here might be a good idea.

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