Back from exile

Phone and internet are now connected. Out here it could be slow at peak times but it’s working well so far.

I am still sorting through boxes of stuff but back to the publishing too. I failed to get the anthology out by Halloween – hadn’t anticipated being offline for a week nor had I fully grasped the enormity of the piles of stuff that had to be moved. Even the mobile phone has problems in some parts of the house. This place doesn’t seem to have partition walls, only mighty granite ones.

There was also the small matter of furniture. Moving from fully furnished to unfurnished (well almost) I realised I don’t actually have very much furniture. A visit to the charity shop helped with that, followed by a self assembly bedroom. Tomorrow the fridge and washing machine arrive and then at last things can get back to normal.

The computer is reassembled and connected, all the WiFi ones are active again and the book is back on the agenda. I still have to settle with some authors – cash or books – and I have emails to respond to once I finish deleting a week’s accumulated spam.

During my absence, I have acquired an enormous plastic raven. A Halloween decoration that was to be discarded but was far too good to throw away. Currently it’s in the utility room but it could have a new home in the living room…


Braced for incoming ‘no’ πŸ˜‰


18 thoughts on “Back from exile

  1. “an enormous plastic raven. ……. Currently it’s in the utility room”

    Is that a euphemism for your own private ‘laboratory-cum-mortuary’?
    That blue cylinder in the image, is it a water softener? I thought the water in your neck of the woods was naturally ‘soft’.

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  2. Glad you’re back Leggy! Men who should know better have been cluttering the TV up today telling us how many dangerous chemicals are in fags. Sort them out?

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    • Last I saw it was 6000 chemicals per cigarette, which gave them about a nanogram of each one and most of them would be destroyed by burning.

      I did a blast on that one a while back, I think. Time to revisit it.

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