Men of good fortune

One of many favourites from Lou Reed’s pantheon. I have located the headphones for this computer and now that I have neighbours so distant I can practice bodhran in the middle of the night and have no need to scare them away, I’ll get proper speakers for it.

So it seems the likes of Billy Bragg and Ed the Lizard and other rich white men are the champions of the Left. Funny, they seem to hate rich white men who admit to actually liking being rich. They love rich white men who pretend to believe in giving away all their money in redistribution of wealth but who never actually do it.

I’m not rich and never will be. Rich people pay way too much tax for my liking. And I don’t need a yacht or a private plane or the latest Range Rover (which is really a girlie version of the Land Rover, if the truth be told). But I wouldn’t turn down a million pounds if someone offered it. I’d be able to get the really seriously posh whisky then.

Also I could fulfil my dream of buying a Ferrari, hand painting it with Hammerite while plastered and blindfolded and then leaving it to someone in my will.

So really, what’s the difference between a rich bank boss and a rich singer or cross dressing comedian?

To me it’s simple. The rich banker is in it for the money and is up front about it. The rich singer or comedian is in it for the money but pretending not to be in it for the money to get street cred with the crusties. It’s the crusties who buy their CDs and DVDs and who pay to watch the concerts. So they have to believe their heroes aren’t in it for the money even as they watch them arrive in limousines and ultra-cool private buses. That they paid for, while getting to the concert on the cheap bus tickets.

Sit back, calm the Leftie hate for a moment, and you’ll see that the rich bankers are the honest men here. The ones you Lefties love to follow are the charlatans. Can you see it? I bet you can’t because you don’t want to. You can’t let yourself accept it. It goes against your programming.

Men of good fortune aren’t natural Lefties. They don’t want to give away their riches to help the poor, as evidenced by the simple fact that they don’t do it. Witness Blob Gelding on Band Aid, who looks homeless but has several big ones, demanding we all give him our fookin’ money. The total take was an amount he could have written a cheque for and saved hours of TV time. He didn’t.

Ask yourselves why, Lefties.

Why are you shopping in charity shops while your heroes get deliveries from Harrod’s? Why are you riding the bus when your heroes have car collections? Why are you dossing in a squat while your heroes have several mansions each?

Face it. It’s because you want that rich life too. You just can’t be arsed to work for it. You want someone to give it to you. Your heroes could, but they won’t. Suckers.

They also don’t live near any of the asylum seekers and other dole immigrants you live with. Have you even noticed? Oh they support them coming in but do they give them house room in their massive houses? No, they give them yours.

You Lefties are a laugh. You despise the rich but let the rich tell you what to do. You want the downfall of the rich? Your rich leaders aren’t going to let you do it. They’ll support you in bringing down other rich people but giving away their own riches is just not going to happen.

Giving away your little savings is going to happen instead. Oh it’ll be justified by saying the total savings of all the poor is more than the weekly shopping bill of a rich comedian and you Lefties will accept it.

Until it starts to burn…





8 thoughts on “Men of good fortune

  1. If money is energy or power or a drawer full of options, giving it all away would be a self defeating gesture that may well behove the few but it would take the most out of the game.
    Now if a ‘leader’ can say “Right boys, over the ramparts with me.”, and die in the process he will not be the general that wins the war.
    We all have choices and I would rather be miserable with money than miserable without.
    And on the occasion that I am relieved of a 50 for a cause that others might burn for I thank the person who motivated me to do it.
    I feel better.
    And they ( who might have given 50 or paid the postage or printing costs) can still march on inspiring others.
    I can forgive them their part in the play, for all parts are not equal.
    Hey, I ain’t going over the ramparts in their stead but I can be inspired.
    Some could be charlatans. Not worth thinking about.
    I like to give and receive a little slack, who doesn’t.
    March on,

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  2. Have you also noticed that lefties who bang on about ‘equality’ don’t practise it themselves?

    I have been communicating with a rather silly person on Twitter about the heinous crime committed by Christians in N. Ireland when they declined to ice a gay cake (the cake was heterosexual, but the message was gay).

    I asked him, “If a homosexual demands that a Muslim acts against his conscience, is that Islamophobia?”

    Very confusing for a leftie, so he kept ignoring the question. When pressed for an answer he said that he doesn’t deal in hypothetical situations.

    He obviously hasn’t received instructions via the airwaves of just who is the villain in this scenario: the gaylord, for threatening to upset the Muslim’s conscience, or the Muslim for causing the gaylord ‘offence, humiliation, hurt, etc.’ for declining to help him promote gaylordery.

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      • ‘A bit further’ is an understatement in the likes of Iran and among our sweet-natured ‘allies’ in Saudi Arabia. It seems fairly clear that Stonewall and other militant homosexuals are specifically targeting Christian business owners in an attempt to stamp out the last dissenters in the UK.

        Is it fear which prevents them from targeting the many businesses owned by Muslims? How many refuse to sell ‘Gaylord Weekly’ or whatever? Surely this would be ripe territory for demanding (or even politely asking!) that they be provided with the dirty mags of their choice.

        Although, I’m not sure if they would actually decline. During my years of boozing down south, most of the corner shops and off-licences were owned by Asians; presumably Muslims.

        As Stonewall receives government money, it makes sense to assume that they are acting on behalf of elements within the corridors of power and that means undermining Christianity to destroy our way of life, laws, institutions, etc.

        So, really, without the Muslims being goaded in this drive for ‘equality’ (i.e. total takeover), it has to be assumed to be a campaign coordinated from on high.

        There is also perhaps the element of an unwritten mutual agreement between two ‘minority’ groups that they will live and let live. Ahem, until there are enough Muslims to impose Sharia law on everyone. But I expect WWIII will happen first.


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