Electile dysfunction

Or perhaps it should be ‘electing the dysfunctional’ because one way or another, that is what America is about to do.

They have a choice between a power-hungry smug Leftie proven liar and a well-used mop dressed up as a power-hungry Rightie madman. In their shoes I’d vote for the Church of the Militant Elvis candidate and hope he wins. He couldn’t possibly be worse.

There has been much tinfoil hattery, among those who really should know better, about Russia influencing the campaign to pick the next American crazy president.

Give it a moment’s thought and… why would they? Even Kim Jong Jinglejangle won’t make the slightest attempt to influence that election. What would be the point? Whether the smug tart or Mopman win, America is fucked. It’s either filled with benefit-claiming terrorist immigrants or locked down so nobody gets in or out. Either way, Putin is laughing and Kim Jong Jinglejangle might even stop the floggings for a day of celebration.

There’s no middle ground this time. One extreme or the other. America must choose which extreme it likes best.

I think most Americans are like most people everywhere else. They’d rather not have the extremes. Somewhere in the middle suits them best but they don’t have that choice now. Barry O’Blimey wasn’t extreme, in fact he’s been quiet for a long time. Sure, he’s a Leftie but they voted for him and seemed to like him.

I wouldn’t expect quiet periods from either of the current candidates. In fact I wouldn’t expect a moment’s peace. They have such big agendas.

As for the claim of Russia trying to influence the election



Still unloading after moving here. I’ll catch up on mails and book stuff soon…


21 thoughts on “Electile dysfunction

  1. America has the chance to elect the only sane man in politics, but they blew it. They could have been led by the great sage with the welly on his head, the man with all the dental puns, the only worthy heir to George Washingteeth: Vermin Supreme.

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  2. I’m just surprised that out of a nation with in excess of 300 million inhabitants, these are the best two candidates that they can find. Perhaps because in terms of the effects on their day-to day lives they are more concerned as to whom is State Governor and what is happening in their own state. At the top the powers seem to be quite limited.

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    • The people don’t choose the candidates, the parties do. Just like here, we vote a party into Government but we don’t get to decide which MP does which job while in there. Not even which one gets to be Prime Monster.

      It might focus their minds more if we did get to decide…

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  3. It could be funny if Donald Trump won the election but it wouldn’t be long term funny.
    It’ll be like if you’re in bed, you fart and it sounds all funny so you laugh until you realise you’ve crapped yourself.

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