No blog from me tonight. I have spent a few hours this evening on an insurance company’s telephone timewasting service and have given up without actually getting through to a real person. An Email full of rage and cancellation is in preparation.

It wasn’t a totally bad day. I had a meeting about science work in which we formulated a clear Plan for a project, and dined on venison steaks and chips and all the trimmings. At a very acceptable price too. The local pub here does excellent food, stocks BrewDog’s Nanny State alcohol free beer (I was driving) and has a real coal fire in the bar. I might become a regular, especially once the weather improves to the point where I can walk there.

Tonight, no ramble from me. I redirect you to a long and interesting post by Anna Raccoon.

It sort of puts the annoying things in life into perspective…


9 thoughts on “Redirecting…

  1. AR’s condition makes me grateful to be in relatively good health. Or, at least in blissful ignorance of anything that might be ‘developing’.

    I’ve commented elsewhere that it’s probably the funniest & simultaneously most poignant blog post written by anyone this year.

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