We must be forced to listen to Experts

The Experts are in a panic. Nobody is listening any more. So now we should be forced to listen.

I don’t see how that’s going to work. A Clockwork Orange style chair perhaps, with clamps holding our ears open?

The link is to financial ‘experts’ and while they have a place, I, like most people, don’t have enough finance to make any kind of advice worthwhile – unless it’s advice on how to make a limited resource last longer. I find the charity shops and places like Aldi and Lidl are pretty good in that respect. Nobody on a five figure salary can advise me, they’d be dealing in what, to them, is pocket money.

Yet they don’t see why nobody listens to ‘experts’ any more. It’s clear enough. So-called ‘experts’ tell us we are sugar addicts and salt addicts and shoe-buying addicts and breathing addicts and equate all of it to smoking. Why? Because smoking is now the Eighth Deadly Sin and anything linked to it automatically becomes evil.

It’s all lies. Not one shred of evidence behind any of it, yet it’s paraded as if it’s truth. Five-a-day fruit and vegetables. I guarantee you have not read the research that led to that directive. There isn’t any. It’s made up. Alcohol unit allowances. No evidence. Made up numbers. All this comes from ‘experts’ and now the experts are complaining that nobody listens to them any more.

Of course we don’t listen. Experts have proven themselves to be liars. Over and over and over again.

The medical profession morphed into the Tobacco, Alcohol and Diet Control Police at the behest of these experts. Nobody trusts the medical profession as a result of this. Real doctors might complain but they are the only ones who can change it.

Science became the propaganda wing of the New Puritans and published conclusions with no data. Nobody trusts science because of this. Real scientists might complain but they are the only ones who can change it.

There’s no point these Experts complaining we aren’t listening and any attempt to force their views on us will be met with derision now. There is a better way than force, Experts.

Try telling the truth for a change.

14 thoughts on “We must be forced to listen to Experts

  1. Q: If “financial experts” are so good, why are they ‘advising’ and not ‘doing’?

    A: They’re lazy bastards, and it’s easier and less-risky soaking the gullible than implementing their ‘own’ advice.

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  2. One of your best there. And what the “financial experts” don’t tell you is that however hard you work, and however much you save, the government will change the rules of the game and whip it out from under your feet.

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  3. We have a poisonous mx, whatever the subject, vegetarianism, alcohol, salt, sugar, tobacco, Etc

    Prostitutes (experts for hire, scientists for hire)
    Inept or corrupt or believers MSM (too powerful so politicians will not buck them)
    Inept or corrupt or believers lawmakers. (Expediency and perceived populism ensures compliance)

    A vicious circle that ensures Joe public lose every time.

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  5. Science became the propaganda wing of the New Puritans and published conclusions with no data.

    Getting scientists on board – to corrupt the evidence to suit political objectives – seems to be the way to go to radically change nations.

    Example 1. Darwinian evolution theory was used as a ‘scientific’ excuse for the Nazis and others to try to wipe out whole ‘races’ and other people they deemed were not fit to survive. In the USA at the same time, thousands of forced sterilisations were being performed on women from the ‘lower orders’. The practice lives on in ‘family planning’. The UK’s foremost ‘family planner’ Marie Stopes has a chain of abortion ‘clinics’ named after her and was even honoured on a GB stamp – for her contribution to the genocide of the unborn, one assumes, although that won’t be stated in Royal Mail’s ‘presentation pack’.

    Evolution theory is still used as propaganda to create ‘atheists’ in Western culture. I think I read that it is illegal in the UK for state schools to teach alternative theories.

    Example 2. In the 1920s, the think tank, the ‘Institute for Marxism’ was proposed for Frankfurt University. Not wanting to be openly identified as Marxists, they called it the ‘Institute for Social Research’, now more commonly known as the ‘Frankfurt School’.

    Gramsci believed that through Marxism, the workers could realise their aspirations by being free of the prevailing culture and Christianity.

    Thus, political correctness became a ‘science’ too. Our Western culture has been attacked by these anti-science mobsters for a century. In some ways, it appears to be the opposite of Nazism, but just as devastating. For example, the Nazis murdered homosexuals, but PC has elevated them to superstars for the purpose of destroying our culture, to be replaced with cultural Marxism.

    The science which psychiatrists used to determine that same-sex attraction was a mental condition was abandoned (under pressure from non-scientist militants) to be replaced by the ‘science’ that ‘one is born that way’.

    I notice that Institutes for Social Research are alive and well and living in our universities. One from random is at the University of Michigan – http://home.isr.umich.edu/about/mission/ – notice how choosing the ‘right’ mixture of students and staff to achieve an ‘inclusive’ environment seems far more important than any real ‘science’ which might actually be taught there. As usual, training their ‘students’ to become world leaders is one of their priorities, to keep the monster growing.

    Example 3. Lysenkoism in Stalinist USSR was a different philosophy of evolution, akin to Lamarckism (the inheritance of acquired characteristics), but caused unbelievable hurt to millions. Not only did this pseudoscience lead to new agricultural methods which cause mass starvation, but scientists who acknowledged Mendelian genetics could be imprisoned and executed.

    We see parallels today in areas of science which have become politicised, especially manmade climate change, SHS, quackery in medicine, PC and evolution theory, which are being used to create a global hegemony, without faith in the Creator or knowledge of true science, just a blind faith in whatever the media drums into people. ‘Deniers’ and other dissidents aren’t being killed yet in the West. Or are they? We know that many careers have been killed. Anyone seen David Bellamy after he poo-pooed manmade global warming twenty-odd years ago?

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    • It’s rather frightening to think where it’s all going to end. The elite’s obssession with population control could take an evil turn. They quite like the idea of purification of the lower orders, cleansing the world of anyone who doesn’t fit their criteria. And they’ve made it clear over the years that they look down their nose at us plebs. We are expendable. We don’t vote the way they want. We don’t do as we’re told. Heaven help us all…



      • Unbeknown to most people, us ‘lower orders’ have been under self-imposed population control for decades. In the postwar years, people probably thought that “family planning” meant that they could get on in life without bothering with pesky rugrats. They probably only had one or two out of guilt and because it became fashionable to have a family you could count on one hand.

        If only they had realised that it wasn’t them doing the “planning” but the elites.

        It’s hardly surprising that we are despised by the elites. No wonder they give us clues, because most people are very poor sport. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

        It still amazes and annoys me how many people think that 19 Arabs with Stanley knives caused the 9/11 attacks and how many people are into the trendy “causes” from LGBTism to environmentalism.

        I squirm when I hear (probably the same) people squawking about “Save our NHS” when the life support (taxpayers’ money) should be turned off and a real health service provided, but people are primed to squawk the talk, “Save our NHS. Save our NHS. Polly wants a cracker”.


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