Cover versions

CynaraeStMary and I have been getting all artistic this evening, working on cover images for the anthology. There are a lot of photos so I have roughly and quickly produced a few cover images from some just to see how they will look.


The image signifies that it’s the first anthology. There is a slightly fancier version too…


I hope you all appreciate the effort involved in growing my nails that long…

Some might consider that image too rude so let’s try something with a bit of romance. Have a heart….


As I said, there are a lot of images to go through to get the best one but these are the principal themes. There is also the matter of the back cover, which will continue the theme. Something along these lines…


Then maybe a greyscale frontispiece inside. Just like a picture-book storyline…


I have a couple more hearts in the freezer in case we don’t have the perfect shot yet. This, though, is the sort of cover image we’re considering. I have one important question –

Is it horrible enough yet?

7 thoughts on “Cover versions

  1. Ewee… Perfect! Just watch out for the tide mark on your wrist. That is make-up, isn’t it? */squint…* You didn’t stick your hand in the septic tank?

    *Nah, he wouldn’t, Clicky…*


  2. Yikes, these photos are quite the thing. My stomach’s churning already, as I’m as squeamish as anything. Couldn’t work in a butchers or a hospital…😊

    Pity you couldn’t get the hairy hound to join in, but she’d have to bare her teeth and look mean. Perhaps with a background of a misty wood, lit by a full moon. Drop a few hints to her. You never know, she might oblige…


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