It begins…

The Underdog Anthology is now in the hands of Lulu and Amazon and I am waiting for proofs before letting it loose. Retail price will be £4.99 paperback (200 pages). I make about 30p profit per book but the first one wasn’t about the money. It was about getting started.

Base price for Lulu’s ‘economy’ version is actually a little higher than the base cost for their bookstore-quality one. This seems to be because the economy version only ships from the USA. So we won’t bother with it, we’re just going for the good one.

Once the proofs arrive and everything is OK I’ll make a hardback version too. That will be disgustingly expensive but it’ll be there if anyone wants it.

The next job is the eBook version. It’s not hard, it just takes time to put in all the internal links.

We’re under way. At last.



8 thoughts on “It begins…

  1. Good luck with the enterprise, my scientific companion. May the literary gods smile sweetly upon your endeavours and furnish you with good solid spending gelt. Kudos is best left to the hereditary wealthy.

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