Underdog Anthology is imminent

The Amazon page is up and the Kindle version will probably be available first, followed shortly by the print version.

The Kindle will be £1.99 including VAT in the UK (yes, they charge VAT on eBooks now and it varies depending on which country you buy it in). The print version will be £4.99. I make pennies per copy but as I said at the start, this first one wasn’t the ‘make me rich’ one. It’s the ‘get known’ one so the cheaper the better.

I now have four novels in process, the first of these just needs a cover, the second already has a cover and just needs my final proofreading. Those two contracts will go out in the coming weeks.

Also there will be a second anthology next year and another for next Christmas so I’ll be looking for stories again. Can’t promise the same pay rate as last time, it was generous to get the ball rolling but future books will have to suffer the oppression of reality. I won’t make a profit in the first year but I’d like to in the second.

Next, I have to prepare the anthology for conversion into all the other eBook formats out there. As long as I set it up properly that won’t take more than a few days.

Novels are actually easier…


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