It’s out as a Kindle book already. I was going to hold off until the print version was ready but that’s taking a while. Print copies will be £8.99 and the author and I make peanuts on each copy – at 380 pages it costs more to make than the Underdog Anthology.

The eBook will eventually show up on Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Apple iBookstore and other places too. I’ve downloaded a copy of the Kindle version to check formatting and page breaks etc are all in place.

Next up is The Goddess of Protruding Ears, a matter of weeks at most. It’s possible it could be done within 2016 but I’m not promising – there’s a lot of real life to deal with too.

Back to work…

13 thoughts on “Cultish

  1. Have you set up an arrangement with Amazon so that if they click through to Amazon to order the book from this site, you get an extra slice?

    I don’t know how it’s done (before you ask), but it would help a little.

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  2. I’m familiar with this Stone character. As you know, he’s currently strapped to a gurney and under heavy sedation in a private mental hospital located on the far side of the moon. On the rare occasions he’s allowed internet access he has to tap the keys with his own erection. A sympathetic nurse managed to smuggle a message out, and he wants to make it known that he’s accepting messages from the righteous and unrighteous alike on his Twitter account: @lollipopcult

    No one will ever be banned or blocked for being too evil, but he might slap you about a bit if he thinks you’re being too uptight. For some reason he thinks you might actually like it… 😉

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  3. I’ve downloaded the anthology and I’m well impressed. In fact, I’m a tad jealous. Got to get my act together and write something for the next volume…

    Love the logo!


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  4. Alice frowned and cocked her head. “No darling, just the boys brigade and Dad’s Army in tonight.” She set a full glass in front of John and took the fiver from his hand.

    – From Roo B. Doo, Till the Fat Lady Swings, Underdog Anthology I, 2016, Leg Iron Books.


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