2016 – nearly over

It’s almost finished, this year of strange happenings. The year when the UK voted to leave the EU and Government had absolutely no idea what to do because they hadn’t planned for that result. The losers are baying that the vote wasn’t their type of ‘democracy’ and demand that it be ignored.

Yeah, the type of ‘democracy’ in which the majority shut up and do as they are told. More usually spelled ‘dictatorship’.

Rather like the result of the US presidential election, in which the ‘wrong’ candidate won. Now we have the spectacle of Barry O’Blimey using his last days of power to turf out Russian diplomats because he’s convinced that his side lost because Putin interfered.

Yeah, because a communist country really wants a right wing government in America…

Putin is waiting for Trump to become President before deciding what to do next. He’s not rising to the Left’s attempt to sour international relations for the incoming government.

Really, the only question I had about the US election was ‘Of all the millions of people in America, those two were the best candidates you could find to put up as leader? Really?’

Surely there’s at least one person in America who is president material? If those two are what you present to the world as your best, what the hell are the rest of you like?

But then when I look at the leaders the UK and Scotland have put in power, I have to admit we don’t look any better. All we have are vacant idiots who just do whatever they are told by unelected control freaks and enact laws based on no real evidence whatsoever. Maybe the US has the better leader, we’ll have to wait and see.

It’s also been a bad year- especially around Christmas – to be famous. A lot of celebs left us. It’s almost like an end of year clearout of the old gang to make room for new rich socialist celebs.

As for me, I changed house, changed career and have now changed car. Well almost. My tatty little Ford is in the garage at home and has now been officially declared off the road. It’s not legal to touch public tarmac now. I’ll fix it before I sell it – might actually get more than a bag of beans for it that way.

In Wales, cars are a lot cheaper than in Aberdeen. I bought a RAV4 with a budget that, in Aberdeen, would have stretched to a Nissan Micra or a Fiat 500. It’s far from new but in good shape and hasn’t been to the moon and back as many times as my old car. I can’t get it until Wednesday which delays the return trip to Scotland by a day or so.

Once home I’ll have access to all my email accounts again and all the publishing programs on the desktop. I had not anticipated the delay but should have expected it. This sort of thing always happens.

Maybe I should port all publishing work to the laptop. That would make the laptop fully tax deductible because it’ll be completely associated with the publishing work, and would mean that wherever I go, I’ll have all of it to hand.

So, for 2017, I have to be more organised and improve my anticipation of difficulties and delays.

It’s a tough call, but worth a try…


11 thoughts on “2016 – nearly over

  1. The most worrying thing about the Brexit vote (hurrah!) is that the people who are now tasked with the intricate negotiations to get us unentangled from this whole EU mess – a massively complicated task – are the very people who, for the last God knows how many years have been busy signing away all the major, difficult decisions to that very same entity. So much so that few if any of them, even now, have the faintest idea of how to handle the job they’ve been handed by the electorate. Real politicians (of which we have none) who were up to the job of running a country would have (a) had a Plan B ready in case they lost – which they did, and (b) would by now have at least some concrete idea of what broadly speaking they want to achieve in the initial stages of withdrawal, and also where – again in general terms – they want to go after that. As it is, they’re still, six months after the event, still squabbling amongst themselves like spoilt sixth-formers who have lost the school debating competition. One can only hope that somewhere, working away in the background, are a small handful of genuinely grown-up people who are putting together a practical set of first steps for getting us out, starting in March. Here’s hoping.

    Have a good NY, Leggy and CStM!

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  2. Happy new year to CStM and you, Old Boy, and all your relations!

    A RAV4 sounds llike a good replacement. I’ve been in your old motor and it’s an exciting experience…I’d say pop in on Wednesday on your way back up or whenever. But I’m not at all well currently (think “The Queen” for symptoms) and I don’t want to give you whatever chronic lung-disease it was I suspect I caught teaching a boy from a “vibrantly-diverse family” in Blackburn a year or two ago (bypass it please).

    I’m going to see if I can purchase an anthology on Amazon or something like that.

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  3. I believe the RAV4 is the smallest 4-wheel drive available, but ideal for negotiating those triffid vines. Will CstM have her menagerie sharing that space?
    To all those suffering from unexpected (to them anyway) results in 2016, please just relax and hope that what occurs out of your control (and that’s the real, main problem, not what happens but who controls what happens), is a positive and progressive agenda which will transform some old shit into some new shit. “A moment of clarity” (Pulp Fiction’s on the TV).
    Happy New Year

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